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In browsing through the web, the search box is usually the last hurdle that leads to user use. If your site contains a lot of features, features, design elements, products and services, and so on, the search box becomes an integral part of the site. The growth of the website often takes time. Of course, from the whole design and development process of the site, the design must be concise, with articles and comments, as well as informal site announcements, features and services, and so on. However, as the site continues to upgrade and update the level of content related to the site just played a decorative role. Therefore, the search box has played a vital role in optimizing the performance of the website.

The quality of the function and operation of the Web site development is really important, but at the same time, we can not ignore the front-end performance of the site. Your site may be unique in terms of features, functions and content quality and so on, but if the site front-end performance is unsatisfactory, and not user-centric, then the other aspects of the site do a good job, also does not play any role.

Wrong idea: Search box does not need to design

In the whole website design, the appearance of the search box should be conspicuous, convenient for users to find quickly. Webmaster generally think that the search box is just a button to input and submit content, so they do not need to spend time designing.

But because of the rampant misconception, webmasters have missed out on some potential opportunities. Because of the lack of design and highlights, users will often be hit by the location of the search box, they will usually click the "Back" button (away from the page). Therefore, the design of mediocre, not high identification of the search box is the culprit, if you want the site to obtain considerable traffic, but the site conversion rate is ridiculously low, this is not possible.

If users are disappointed with your site, the search box helps retain users. In a large number of web sites, really bring users a great experience of the few, the user sometimes not in-depth understanding of the entire site, may continue to click Back, leaving the page. If users can search, they simply type in the search box to find the content, the problem is solved.

In today's fast-growing society, time is money. The search box can not only help users save time, but also bring users a high degree of pleasure and a simple browsing experience.

Search box Design Tips

When designing a search box for your Web site, you can focus on the following recommendations:

1. The search box should be conspicuous

The search box should be clearly visible and must not be placed in a difficult position to notice. Even if your site theme is pure white, set a black border for the search box, and choose bright colors such as red as the font color, this may solve the problem of the search box is not obvious.

2. Search box to have a search box of the sample

You can try to incorporate creativity into the search box design, but don't make it nondescript. This is why the search box must be box-shaped. Users who visit the site will not go through the entire site, they will only focus on what they are interested in, and many learning conditions are subject to their behavior, in the search box to search, in fact, with the rounded rectangle of the search box on it.

3. Location of the search box

The location of the search box is important for site optimization and performance improvement. General experience shows that the best place for a search box should be at the top left or right corner of the site, because users want to save time and effort to search directly for what they need. But the impact of content such as advertising, forcing designers to put the search box at the bottom of the page. This does not really solve the search box in the Web site usability problems, must be avoided.

In addition, it's a good idea to put a search box on every page, even if users get lost in the web, they can easily find what they need.

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