Second Lesson, secondlesson

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Second Lesson, secondlesson

1. Image

Image Format:

1.1BMP occupies large space and rich colors.

1.2 JPEG lossy compression, which occupies less space.

1.3GIF multi-Frame Animation, supports transparent color.

1.4PNG lossless compression, bitmap (composed of countless small points) supports transparent/translucent colors.


attribute: src = "PATH" PATH: PATH of the image. Relative Path, absolute path, and network link.

Alt = "DISCRAPTION" DISCRAPTION: The image description, which is conducive to SEO search optimization.

Title = "DISCRAPTION" DISCRAPTION: text description

Height = "" specifies the Image height.

Width = "" specifies the Image width



2. List (automatic line feed)

2.1 unordered list: (the style can be replaced by CSS)


<Li> unordered list </li>

</Ul> attributes: type = "" square (square), disa (solid circle), and circle (hollow circle)

2.2 ordered list:


<Li> ordered list </li>

</Ol> attribute: ID of the Five Styles: "a" A "I" "I" Number"

2.3 custom list:



<Dd> Custom list </dd>






3. Table

<Table> attribute: border = "" table border

<Caption> table title </caption>

<Th> table title </th>

<Thead> table Header

<Tr> line

<Td> cell or column </td> attribute: rowspan = "merged rows" cross-row merged colspan = "merged columns" cross-column merged




<Tbody> table body

<Tr> line

<Td> cell or column </td>







1 <! DOCTYPE html> 2 Exhibition


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