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Many browsers are tampered with or the home page is locked. It is no longer as simple as the BHO plug-in a few years ago, and the Registry script is. Nowadays, most of them are locked by virus Trojans, and many of them are called IE locks or IE Plug-ins (in fact, they can lock more than IE ). Modifying ie browsers or other mainstream browsers is not an individual phenomenon, but an industry that has already gained considerable influence. They also have excellent programmers who have written ie to bypass defense systems of multiple security software, in addition, people who sell these virus and Trojan horses will also provide after-sales services for these software-constantly update these browser locks, so that these virus and Trojan horses can escape the detection of security software.

Baidu has found that many Internet users are suffering from such a platform as Baidu Knows, search, and ask, saying that their browser homepage has been kidnapped to a website navigation site, it cannot be solved with many tools.

First, let's briefly explain how these traditional browser repair tools work. These tools only check the registry keys to be closed with the browser, and then change these values to the default values. Some of the more hardworking sharing software authors will look for some of the more influential rogue software for testing and try to restore these software modifications as much as possible. However, due to their limited effort, they are unable to cope with the increasing number of virus and Trojan attacks on users' browsers. Therefore, such a repair tool is near ineffective. When a virus Trojan constantly overwrites the registry, it simply restores the Registry instead of clearing the virus Trojan. The final result is only a failure.

Therefore, a good browser repair tool must be able to clear viruses and Trojans at the same time. This requires a professional browser repair tool, which is also the reason why Kingsoft Network Security 3.5 must have built-in cloud scanning and removal.

What are the direct advantages of Kingsoft Network Security 3.5 after built-in cloud detection and removal?

First, adding this function will not increase system resource overhead. Because this part of the function is not protected, there is no resident memory, only manually called after the user finds an exception.

Second, the built-in cloud scanning and removal module does not require a feature library locally. After this function is added, the network shield 3.5 will not become bloated.

Third, the removal of virus Trojans relies on the driver of Kingsoft Network Security 3.5 to ensure that the virus Trojan is completely cleared after a restart. In addition, virus cleanup and system exception repair are completed at one time without step-by-step operations. You only need to click "repair Browser" to complete the process, which is extremely simple and easy to use.

Kingsoft Network Security 3.5 is built with the latest cloud detection and removal technology. In addition to checking and repairing the registry keys that affect the display of desktop icons, ie browsers, and configuration files of third-party browsers, the program file features corresponding to these system load points are also matched with the cloud security server, and abnormal and risky programs are disabled or deleted. After a restart, all the malicious modifications have been restored to normal.

Please note that the traditional anti-virus method is to first identify whether the file is a virus. If it is a virus, it will be processed. If it is not, it will be ignored. Kingsoft Network Security 3.5 identifies whether files are normal files. Relying on the powerful cloud security authentication system, we have the ability to identify whether the files corresponding to these loading points are normal or not, it is used as a problematic program to disable or delete it (where, if it is identified as a virus Trojan, it is applicable to delete it; if it is not clear, it is disabled)

This two-pronged dangerous program identification mechanism can minimize system risks and increase the probability of successful removal, the tampered system configuration can be restored successfully.

Users do not need to worry about false positives. Because Kingsoft security's cloud security system collects files far beyond the average user's applications, and powerful cloud security databases have already been automatically updated without human intervention, the update frequency is calculated in seconds. New applications on the Internet can be identified in as short as possible, so the probability of false positives can be reduced to a very low level.


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