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Drawing cartoons is the same as practicing martial arts. I think the most important thing to draw a cartoon is to imagine that you can draw it as long as you want it. As for the pen, you only need to grasp the pen without shaking enough.
Now everyone advocates drawing their own styles. Everyone wants to do this. However, some painters still look the same for a year or even a few years. The image of other painters is inseparable from the appearance, and each role is similar, so we have to distinguish between hair styles and costumes. What is the difference between men and women. This all belongs to the same problem-lack of imagination and observation. Every beginner has to go through the imitation phase, which can be understood. In the future, his painting style will be gradually formed. The questions mentioned above come from the imitations. They are not added to their own understanding. They just turn the imitations into impressions, and the work they have drawn is even better, it can only be said by people like xx. Imitation is the foundation of the cartoon, and cannot rely solely on it. It is a way for you to get into comics and get to know them. At this time, you need to "get the money to sum up" the imitation, add your own views each time, and gradually form your own style. Some painters say that they are not very easy to understand. Teach you a way: when imitating others' works, you can draw in one direction. If a person's face turns to the left, he will be painted to the right, and the front will be painted. I can't tell you how to observe in my life. Remember it. Note! This is just to train your imagination and analysis capabilities. It is not a painting method. When kung fu is home, there will naturally be a vivid picture in his mind, and his hands will not be able to keep up with his mind. You don't have to search for it again!
In addition, attention should also be paid to interest adjustment when drawing cartoons, that is, the so-called breathing method. This is my own experience. To breathe in and breathe out, you must be soft. to breathe in for three seconds, you can breathe in for four seconds. Although there is no miraculous effect, at least the hand won't shake when the line is traced, and the lines are smooth.
In addition, self-confidence is very important when you draw cartoons. If you do not have the idea of tearing up and re-drawing, you must have fewer or fewer ideas. if you tear down the re-painting, your confidence will not be as good as the first painting, and the effect will decrease. (Psychology !) It is best to make a success.
I will talk about some of the taboos I have summarized for drawing cartoons. Although they are not closely related to the mind method, they are quite useful.
First, avoid TV and music during painting. It means there is no interference in front of you. The human brain is divided into two parts. The main task is only half of the brain, and the other half is not useless. It can help you listen to music, assist your half brain, and relax your senses. The mind can be divided into half for you to listen to music. The eyes will not generate a pair to watch TV for you.
Second, watch the content of a comic book instead of a technical problem. This is because you are more concentrated in thinking, and it is easy to get into the plot, So that you forget to have a more important thing in your hands-your own work has not been completed yet. (Miserable)
Third, avoid eating during painting. Do not place water next to it. One is distraction, and the other is easy to dirty the painting.
Fourth, do not wash your hands. Wash your hands before eating, and wash your hands before drawing cartoons. Do not make the picture dirty, messy, or poor, and regret it again.
Fifth, do not touch your face with your hands when painting. The oil on the face will be easily taken to the screen. The first impression of a clean image is comfort. The editor will give priority to such a manuscript. (I am not very clear about it. In short, clean pictures must prevail)
Sixth, avoid fatigue driving (Night driving ). All statuses will be compromised. It is by no means an alarmist!
7 ,......, Not that much!
The painters are all worried about the above situations. Don't worry. When everyone makes a mistake, I just realized it when I made all the above mistakes, it is the time of success. Well, I don't want to talk about it anymore. It's a bit like Buddhism. We wish you a successful Painting industry!

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