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At present, Alpha wireless routers are widely used and the market performance is still good. So I have studied some unique technologies of Alpha wireless routers. I will share them with you here, I hope it will be useful to you. As a network and communication infrastructure product, vrouters have never been understood by families or individual users.

Although Alpha wireless routers are not entertaining themselves, as a result of the convenience of wireless connection, the increase in the number of users of the chindez notebook, and the increasing number of laptops playing the role of the second computer in the family. Wireless routers are rapidly entering thousands of households, profoundly changing the way we get used to accessing the internet and using computers. Next, we will introduce some special technologies of Alpha wireless routers.

Wide Area coverage technology

The sensitivity of Alpha wireless routers with wide-area coverage technology is as high as 105db. The maximum signal transmission distance is more than 850 meters, and the coverage range is 2.26 square kilometers. The maximum indoor transmission distance is more than 200 meters, and the coverage range is 0.12 million; alpha wireless routers also have three-dimensional coverage capabilities; "smart transmission" technology; Alpha wireless routers intelligently change transmission speeds to maintain stable connections when the signal is weak; 3-0.1 M, linear speed change with a step of M. High sensitivity is maintained when the receiving end is in motion and weak signals; the stability and anti-interference ability of wireless connections are fully improved; smart connections; strong compatibility with other 802.11b/802.11g Alpha wireless routers; the distance is subject to the maximum coverage distance of other 802.11) seamless connection, unlimited roaming, and secure connection during fast moving;

Super RF technology

Wall, glass, partition and other obstacles will make wireless signals quickly fade during transmission, and when encountering obstacles, the reception signal will drop sharply. After a plank, the receiving signal degrades by 4 dB. After a brick wall, the receiving signal degrades by 8 ~ 15 dB; at least 15-15 drops after Reinforced Concrete Walls ~ 30 dB.
The Alpha wireless router with the "super RF" technology has a transmission sensitivity of up to 105dB, and has powerful wall penetration; it can penetrate reinforced concrete walls with a thickness of 1.2 m at a total interval of 30 m on three sides without any relay equipment.

Wireless Technology

The wireless technology is equivalent to a dual-channel wireless transmission technology. It is mainly based on the super-g technology and contains multiple sub-technologies. The maximum transmission rate of ALPHA wireless routers based on ALPHA wireless technology is up to 108 Mbps, which is almost comparable to Mbps of Wired products. In the optimal environment, the actual data transmission rate is up to 70 Mbps, it is about three times of 20 Mbps for an ordinary 11g product, and 15 times of about 4 mbps for a 11b product. Wider coverage, faster transmission speed, and higher data efficiency!

Sub-technology of smart emergency packet priority Mechanism

The Alpha wireless router with the wireless technology uses the smart burst packet priority mechanism.
Data packets to be transmitted can be queried quickly before transmission. The redundant waiting time between data packets is greatly shortened by batch transmission of data packets and intelligent sorting of data packets, significantly increasing the data transmission volume per unit of time.

Hardware Detection compression transmission sub-Technology

The "Hardware Detection compression transmission technology" based on ALPHA "wireless Beitch" technology verifies the same information in each data investigation when querying the data packet to be transmitted; combined transmission by means of superposition, hardware-level compression transmission and receiving and releasing are used to multiply data transmission in a unit of time. This technology includes 3036byte ultra-large data transmission, and the ALPHA Broadband Wireless Router Based on the "wireless xunchi" technology is quite similar to the traditional M wired route in terms of transmission efficiency.

Dual-band transmission sub-Technology

The Alpha wireless router with the wireless technology integrates two 2-4 GHz wireless communication channels for dual-band data transmission. Compared with the single-frequency transmission of standard 802.11g products, the bandwidth is doubled. The "dual-band transmission" technology also includes the feature of dual-band data channel staggered complementing, while the sensitivity of the transmitting end of the wireless route remains unchanged, it effectively improves the transmission distance and coverage of the Alpha wireless router and improves the signal clarity when crossing the wall.


Green and environmentally friendly; ultra-low radiation; Alpha wireless routers must comply with the Radio Management Board's rules that the launch power of WLAN products cannot exceed MW corresponding dB: 10lg100 = 20 dB) to protect the health of you and your family.

GameForce smart online game Optimization Technology

Alpha wireless routers include the GameForce smart network game optimization technology optimized for gamers. Dynamically transmits game data packets in a smart manner with the highest priority. In Internet-based large-scale 3D online games, Alpha wireless router can provide game players with a fast response and no latency online gaming experience. When multiple computers perform real-time online Combat Games, the GameForce online game optimization technology uses the pre-judgment method to send large data packets and transmitted files in the form of multiple small continuous data packets, the delay caused by ultra-large data packets is greatly reduced, which fully ensures real-time and efficient transmission of game data and effective utilization of transmission bandwidth. For most online Combat games based on IPX transmission protocols, the GameForce technology can avoid the emergence of network broadcast storms; this greatly reduces the game latency and the game suspension response caused by network transmission.

Multi-User audio/video Optimization Technology

The Alpha wireless router designed for the home has optimized super large data packets for Video/Voice Transmission of MSN, QQ, and SKYPE and on-demand Internet video in order to increase the priority.
This ensures that multiple computers in one home or multiple home computers can effectively use the LAN and WAN bandwidth when using video tools and watching on-demand network video, enable each computer to achieve better network transmission quality.

Multi-User P2P download Optimization Technology

When multiple computers in one home or multiple computers in multiple homes simultaneously download eMule and BitTorrent, when online combat, Internet online games, P2P downloads such as eMule, BitTorrent, and file transmission exist in the network, and MSN/QQ video/Voice and point-to-point file transmission exist, alpha wireless routers first meet different bandwidth needs of various applications with a preset priority, the real-time dynamic packet burst mechanism reduces the waiting time between data packets and effectively utilizes the network bandwidth of the WAN and LAN; through the rapid frame and compression/Decompression technology, network bandwidth can be used more effectively in complex network application environments, thus improving the internal and external data transmission quality of the entire network; to a certain extent, the application stops responding because of file upload and download;

Security Manager function

Alpha wireless router provides easy-to-use and super-powerful security management functions for your home network and shared networks composed of multiple home computers. The built-in firewall function of the Alpha Family router can prevent malicious code on some websites from maliciously modifying your computer settings and making IP attacks. You can also set different Internet access permissions for different computers on the network; by setting up to prevent children and teenagers from accessing poor websites, your children can only access the Internet within the period you allow by setting their Internet access permissions and Internet time settings, you can also perform remote WEB management on the home network through a computer. Because the full Chinese configuration interface is used, the configuration and management of the Alpha wireless router is quite simple, you don't need much network knowledge to easily achieve your desired management goals. The Alpha G3 router also has the VPN Pass-through function, you can monitor, filter, and protect IP communication through the IPSEC Driver. Encrypted data packet transmission ensures the security of remote communication. Based on the VPN Pass-through technology, you can use the PPTP method, establishing a point-to-point channel with a remote computer makes it easy to access a remote computer over the Internet.

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