See mountains are mountains, see mountains are not mountains, see mountains are just mountains

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"When the old monk did not participate in Zen thirty years ago, he saw mountains and water. Later on, I had an inbound experience with my personal knowledge. Seeing mountains is not mountains, seeing water is not water. Now, we have to take a rest. Seeing mountains is just mountains, and seeing water is just water. Public, are these three opinions the same? Some people have come to the conclusion that Xu RuO sees the old monk ."
-- Qingyuan Weixin Zen master "five-lamp yuan" Volume 17

This was found at yuanyou. I added a comment.

It means the best of luck.
What we see in the first stage is one-sided, superficial
In the second stage, we can see more comprehensive information and more depth.
The third stage is comprehensive
If you want to make progress, you must practice, summarize, practice, summarize, and keep repeating.
You need to know more about others' ideas, and you may find better ideas.ArticleChat is a specific method.
When you reach the third stage, for example:
1. Design Mode
You will know when each design pattern can be applied, or there are alternative methods.
2. SortingAlgorithm
You will know that there are no optimal sorting algorithms in all cases, but only the optimal sorting algorithms in some cases.
In addition, the division of labor in modern society is very fine. You may have made achievements in a certain aspect. As an expert, you may not have to do anything else. Recognize this layer.

This is an article from yuanyou 1-2-3.

Three levels of learning


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