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What types of files are safe in our computer and on-line files? In addition to the very early by the virus to stare at the executable files, mail, instant messaging tools, some commonly used file types such as PDF, Flash and so also difficult to escape the clutches of the virus. You can always pay attention to, and hope this article can be helpful to everyone.
   phenomenon One: see Flash also want to prevent poisoning
Flash is a very common animation format on the web, and we often use flash to appreciate some of the funniest classic stories. 2002 World's first virus for Flash files wf/lfm.926 Although the Macromedia Company issued an emergency release of the patch tool refused, but November 26, 2004 online also found a Flash file can automatically be downloaded with a new virus DJ2005 ( Win32.Troj.QQMydj2005). When you browse the site's exquisite Flash animation files, if the Flash opened a website or automatically downloaded an unrelated program, then you must be careful, maybe that is the virus. In addition to modifying the Explorer.exe process and registry, it will send messages via QQ, luring users to poisoning.
Countermeasures: First of all, through the free online search virus ( to determine whether the DJ2005 Trojan. In addition, be sure to update the virus library to the latest in time to prevent the emergence of new viruses.
   phenomenon Two: PDF file is not safe
PDF files belong to files and should not be infected with viruses. In fact, as early as 2001, it was found that a virus called "peach" (peachy) can be transmitted using PDF. Just because it will only appear in the software Acrobat Distiller that generates the PDF file, users who use Acrobat Reader reader need not worry about being infected, so that most people forget the danger of PDF. However, Acrobat Systems has issued a warning about the discovery of two extremely dangerous security vulnerabilities in Windows, Mac OS x, and UNIX version of Acrobat software. Security experts say these bugs allow hackers to execute malicious code on a user's system by distributing PDF files on email. Previously, jiangmin company also found a loophole in the tool used to make and read PDF files (Adobe Acrobat/acrobat reader). With this vulnerability, hackers can specifically create a PDF file on the Web site, when users open the file directly in the browser, you can execute arbitrary code on the user's machine.
Countermeasures: For this kind of software bug caused poisoning, the general solution is to visit the Software official website, download the corresponding version of the software upgrade patch. The highest version of Acrobat Reader is currently 7.0. According to Adobe, no more than 6.03 versions of Acrobat Reader will have these security vulnerabilities.
   phenomenon Three: Do not open the mail attachment may also be poisoned
With the arrival of the new year, you will probably receive many beautiful greeting cards. But while you are looking at the greeting card, it is possible to recruit. In your impression, you may think that only the mail attachment is the most dangerous, but now a lot of cunning virus it will be hidden in the body of the message, so long as you select the message preview will be poisoned. such as the famous "Bubble Kid" series. In fact, this kind of virus is through the ActiveX control function to "outlaw". Many electronic greeting card messages are sent in HTML format, because HTML files can contain ActiveX controls, and some malicious virus makers are writing some special ActiveX controls that enable you to start doing evil when you're browsing the message body with ActiveX controls.
Countermeasures: 1. Enable the browser disable ActiveX feature. Click the IE tool →internet option → security, click Custom Level, and in the Security Settings window that pops up, set all ActiveX-related options to disabled. This prevents any ActiveX control from running, and the virus naturally does not attack, but disabling ActiveX can cause inconvenience to web browsing.
2. Turn off the mail client software's message preview function. In oe, click view → layout, and in the pop-up Properties window, remove the tick before the show preview pane, and then decide if you want to open the Message Viewer after the recipient is clear. Foxmial users, select the mail account, click "Account → properties", in the Pop-up Properties window, select "Font and display", do not select "Use embedded IE browser to view HTML mail" (see Figure 1), so that always in plain text format to browse messages, view the details of the message, Enable hypertext Browsing If you are sure you are safe.
   phenomenon Four: MSN is not a Holy Land already
Instant messenger Internet Friends almost no use. QQ has already had "QQ tail", therefore everybody also will raise vigilance to it. Friends with MSN are much less alert. But now the virus is targeting msn!. Some malicious people often send messages to spread the virus. For example, October 2004 appeared to coax the temporary MSN Liar (Worm.msn.funny). It can spread through QQ and MSN, after poisoning it will send "FUNNY" to online friends. EXE "file, the user will be poisoned after clicking, so that the MSN message can not be sent and received normally.
Countermeasures: In fact, many viruses are sent through the Instant messaging software files or a malicious Web site hyperlinks, and then induced users to click to infect the computer. So one is not easy to receive the files sent by strangers (especially some executable files), if received, be sure to open the real-time monitoring of anti-virus software functions; second, do not easily click the hyperlinks sent by users to avoid malicious website poisoning.
Did you see that? Viruses are emerging, and the safest places are likely to be seized by the virus. Security is no small matter! In this, small make careful reminder: must promptly upgrade virus library, regular dozen system patches, develop good surfing habits, but also often pay attention to Microsoft Security Bulletin, anti-virus software manufacturers and some security site virus warning, always open anti-virus software real-time monitoring. Of course, constantly improve their anti-virus awareness of antivirus, this is the security of this.

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