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"Win in China" is a good program of cctv2. Last night, winwin in China talked about smart people and smart people.

We call smart people who have good memory, fast response, and strong learning ability.
We strongly understand things and grasp the essence of things. People with high self-awareness and self-confidence are called smart people.

A smart person does not mean that he is a wise person. A wise person must be a very intelligent person;
Smart people tend to complicate simple things, while smart people tend to simplify complicated things;
A smart person is how to get others' money to himself. A smart person is designed, made to others, and made to himself;

Most smart people come from genetics and nature. They are more concerned with "techniques" (methods and skills), so they will learn a lot of methods and skills. Most smart people are self-righteous and seem proud.
Smart people are more satisfied with the practice and perception of the day after tomorrow, which is developed in the correct social and educational background. They are more "heart" and present transparent, clear, and enlightened. Their focus is "Tao ". Smart people are compassionate and humble.

Dear friend, do you want to be a wise person or a wise person?

Appendix (reference 1): a similarArticle

Do you want to be a smart person or a brilliant person?

Intelligence is IQ, and intelligence is wisdom.

Smart means outward development, while smart means seeking inside.

Smart thinking is your mind, and smart thinking is your mind.

Smart is to draw precise design drawings with scales, and smart is nothing to do with graffiti.

Smart is the rain-making machine in the case of drought and the pumping machine in the case of flooding. Smart is to keep the cloud clean anytime and anywhere.

Smart is a variety of tricks in a cup of coffee, and clever is a pure sweetness from a cup of water.

Smart is a natural advantage, but smart is developed by the day after tomorrow. If you are not smart enough, it doesn't matter, you can at least
Train your soul better.

Yes, here we will focus on the following: smart people can turn to others, while brilliant people can flat themselves.


Appendix (Reference 2 ):

Smart people are tired,
Smart talents can live easily.
The so-called wisdom,
That is, knowing what you need,
How to Make Yourself Happier.
Smart and easy to do, smart and difficult to do.
It is estimated that everyone is not stupid. What's silly is that some people hurt themselves in the name of love.

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