See some of the third-party frameworks introduced today, let's see

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Image: 1. The picture Explorer Mwphotobrowser implements a photo browser like an IOS-brought album app that displays pictures from your phone or a Web image that automatically downloads and caches images from your network.      The image can be scaled and so on. Download: Https:// The active community is still GitHub, and there are some good libraries scattered around Google Code, SourceForge, and so on. As the GitHub community is too mainstream, here are some of the most popular iOS libraries in GitHub. Start with a list of the top iOS libraries on GitHub (about 600 repos) in addition to a daily/monthly popularity, you can also take a look at the entire iOS repos rankings. Here are some of the more popular third-party libraries: HTTPIn comparison, Afnetworking is currently the best one: lightweight, easy-to-use, multi-user, and developers are actively maintaining. Before the advent of the AFN, the role was played by ASIHTTPRequest, only to the present year in disrepair. There is a good article about the contrast between AFN and ASI. In addition, Mknetworkkit and Restkit also have a certain user. SocketCocoaasyncsocket is undoubtedly the most well-packaged socket library now: Supports asynchronous TCP/UDP, supports GCD,OBJECTIVE-C interface encapsulation. There is no comparable product that can be compared with this. JSONJsonkit is one of the best of the third parties: performance is high and files are small. Before Jsonkit, Sbjson was very popular, but Sbjson could be poor, but for historical reasons it still exists in some projects. If the project only need to support iOS5 above the system, then you can discard those third-party JSON library, directly with the system provided by the Nsjsonserialization, performance than the third party's good, is also the official API. XMPPNow for a real-time chat, the XMPP protocol is a very mature solution. Xmppframework is a great choice for dealing directly with OpenFire servers. If the project is small, you can take a look at this. Basic Tools ClassSstoolkit is a good toolkit that provides a variety of things like encoding, encryption, string processing, and so on, and provides some nice custom controls, and the documentation is very complete. FrameThere used to be a lot of people who used THREE20, which was too big, too heavy, and less documentation, and even Facebook stopped maintaining it. As a substitute for Nimbus now popular, the key is that it is well documented. There is a domestic MVC framework called Beeframework, known as the top-level framework and features more than Nimbus, interested can see. Reactivecocoa put the responsive programming stuff like this up here, it's worth a try.   Data StorageStill quite a lot of people (like me) like to deal with SQLite directly, this aspect of Fmdb encapsulation is very good. If you use CoreData to do storage, you can use the Magicalrecord. image ProcessingGpuimage is undoubtedly the epitome of this. Using OpenGL ES2.0 to process images and video streams in real-time, performance and functionality are top notch.   Development and Debugging ToolsPonydebugger looks like a good debugging tool that allows you to remotely debug iOS programs on your Computer browser, view attempted hierarchies, network, and more. Cocoalumberjack is a log tool, claiming to be able to provide enterprise-level log, the user is quite a lot. Article Address:

See some of the third-party frameworks introduced today, let's see

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