Seizing FSMO roles

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1, openPowershell, enterNtdsutil. EXE; Enter " Help", ManageNTDSrole owner token, using theRoles"command, enter"Roles";

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2 , enter the Help "Get help; Connect to a specific instance, using the" Connections "; input" Connections ";

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3 , enter " help "Get help, Connect to the server, use Connect to server%s, enter connect to server ad-server .xuelan.local Span style= "font-family: ' Microsoft Jas Black ';" lang= "ZH-CN" xml:lang= "ZH-CN" > "

( %s , is the server's FQDN The full name, in the example " Ad-server . Xuelan.loca L ")

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4 , enter the quit "Return to the previous level, enter" Help "Get help; capture infrastructure master, use seize infrastructure master command;

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5 , enter "Seizeinfrastructure Master "After confirmation, a role occupancy confirmation dialog will pop up, select" Yes ";

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6 , when the command is complete, we look at the process and find that the system will attempt to transfer the role safely before the role is captured, but the system will continue to claim (seize) after the security transfer fails;

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7 , from 4 step help, you can know , seize the domain naming master role with "seize naming master"; (note here in 2008

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8 , also from the first 4 step of the help can know that capture PDC role, use "Seize PDC", enter "SEIZEPDC", also pop up "role Occupancy confirmation Dialog" select "Yes"; PDC host role, the same will try to secure the transfer, the transmission fails to seize, the process is similar to the front;

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9 , seize The rid role uses "seize RID Master" and also selects "Yes" in the "Role Occupancy confirmation dialog box" that pops up;

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Ten , capture the schema master role using "Seizeschema Master", and also select "Yes" in the "Role Occupancy confirmation dialog box" that pops up;

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One , here the character capture has been completed, the following is the verification of the role of the success of the request; I'm going to go ahead, so use two times " quit "return to the front; if it is rerun Powershell , run "Netdomquery FSMO" to view FSMO role.

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Seizing FSMO roles

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