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<!--======= A piece of code that determines which select option is selected ================-->

&lt;form name= "Form1" &gt;

&lt;select name= "File_source" size= "1" id= "File_source"

onchange= "alert" (document.form1.file_source.options[

document.form1.file_source.selectedindex].value) "&gt;

&lt;option value= "selected" Selected&gt; selected &lt;/option&gt;

&lt;option value= "office" &gt; Office &lt;/option&gt;

&lt;option value= "room" &gt; Engine room &lt;/option&gt;

&lt;option value= "Teaching and Teaching Department" &gt; Department &lt;/option&gt;

&lt;option value= "Development room" &gt; Development room &lt;/option&gt;





//tb2,th1 defines content for CSS

in the

&lt;table border= "I" cellpadding= "3" cellspacing= "1" align= "center" class= "TB2"

bordercolor= "#666666" &gt;

&lt;tr&gt;&lt;th colspan= "2" class= "Th1" &gt; Edit page &lt;th&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;


&lt;th&gt; Mark &lt;/th&gt;


&lt;spring:bind path= "[' FLAG '" "&gt;

&lt;select name= ' &lt;c:out value= ' ${status.expression} '/&gt; ' &gt;

&lt;option value= "0"

&lt;c:if test= "${status.value==0}" &gt;selected&lt;/c:if&gt;&gt; automatic


&lt;option value= "1"

&lt;c:if test= "${status.value==1}" &gt;selected&lt;/c:if&gt;&gt; manual







&lt;th colspan= "2" &gt;

&lt;input type= "hidden" name= "page number" value= "1"/&gt;

&lt;input type= "Submit" value= "Save"/&gt;

&lt;input type= "button" value= "Back"

onclick= "location.href=" Page number =1 "&gt;





about Select:

name= ' &lt;c:out value= ' ${status.expression} '/&gt; '

value= "0"


value corresponds to name: 0 is the value of ${status.expression}

in the actual operation, select a Drop-down menu, which means that the page range to

name assigns the selected value. about using link transfer values: page number = 1

In the entire page: name= "page number" corresponds to value= "1".

them to other pages as a form of argument (other pages also have name= "page number" value= "?" )

--&gt; &lt;!--=================================================================--&gt;



display Select, that is, size= "1" (mostly used in this form, more realistically) ①select.options ("id") method to remove an option ② that the index of option cannot change its index value through Option.index ③ the SwapNode method of option to exchange the index ④ Select an option through the Selectindex of the Select


"Full Code"




function Start ()

{//Let "Hong" as the first item first show, see how I get the option

//This demand should be a lot, but I haven't found it on the Internet

//Note: There are multiple IDs for Hong, which will return an option set

//id/name can not be Chinese characters, just tuned for half a day to find out the reason for the

var source=document.form1.seltest.options ("the");

alert ("Put" "+source.innerhtml+" "to the Top"); Swap position

Source.swapnode (document.form1.selTest.options (0));

//With [] can also, Why?

Source.swapnode (document.form1.seltest.options[0]);

//day, also thought that no exchange of success, the original is the selected item did not change, we let it selected


//Note: This method is mainly to give a string, the same as the string to the first few positions.

//Just thought you could get the item this way:

//document.getelementbyid ("InnerHTML").


function AX ()


//Get div for display

var Show=document.getelementbyid ("show");

var Tempindex=document.form1.seltest.selectedindex;

show.innerhtml= "Index of selected items:" +document.form1.seltest.selectedindex+ "&lt;br&gt;";

show.innerhtml+= "The value of the item just selected: (direct fetch, simplest)" +document.form1.seltest.value+ "&lt;br&gt;";

show.innerhtml+= "The value of the item just selected:" +document.form1.seltest.options (Tempindex). value+ "&lt;br&gt;";

show.innerhtml+= "Just checked the display of the item (via index, very troublesome):" +document.form1.seltest.options (Tempindex). InnerHTML;

show.innerhtml+= "Just select the display portion of the item (via index, followed by text, Why?):" +document.form1.seltest.options (Tempindex). text;






&lt;form name= "Form1" &gt;

&lt;div id= "Show" &gt;&lt;/div&gt;&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;

&lt;select name= "Seltest"

onchange= "Javascript:ax ();" &gt;

&lt;option value= "AX0" &gt; Zhang &lt;/option&gt;

&lt;option id= "Hong" value= "AX1" &gt; Flood &lt;/option&gt;

&lt;option value= "AX2" &gt; Zhi &lt;/option&gt;


&lt;input value= "Change option Order" type= "button" onclick= "Javascript:start ();" &gt;


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