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Myemail Version 1.0 Usage Instructions
Myemial is an email component I wrote myself, to be honest, to call the 1.0 edition a little ashamed, because some
Features are not yet complete, now the disadvantage is not yet supported HTML format, CC and BCC can only support one message
Address, but I will complete these functions in a day or two.
This component includes the following properties and methods:
MailServer: Your mail server, can also be IP form.
To: Recipients
From: Sender
BCC: Secret Send
Subject: Message headers
Body: Message Content
Attachment: Attachment (currently only one attachment can be sent)
ishtml: HTML format (not currently supported)
Ifsuccess: Success
Errtext: Cause of the error
Send (): Sending mail
Here is an example of using this component in ASP.
<%@ Language=vbscript%>
Dim m_objmail
Set m_objmail = Server. CreateObject ("")
M_objmail.mailserver = "Server1.domain" M_objmail.from = "Lyp@domain" = "Lyp@domain"
M_objmail.subject = "Hello, just test my own email com"
M_objmail.body = "Just a text"
M_objmail.attachment = "D:/bizen/getcategory.sql" = "Lyp@domain"
M_OBJMAIL.BCC = "Lyp@domain"
M_objmail.send ()

If M_objmail.ifsuccess Then
Response.Write "Send success!" "
Response.Write M_objmail.errtext
End If

Set m_objmail = Nothing
Download Address: Http://

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