Self-evaluation of knowledge and ability in C language

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1. I want to work in the future where I am interested in, are looking for their interests, and are popularizing the knowledge of the IT industry.

2. I think that learning is a self-growth and self-improvement and the way of understanding the world, the role of learning is to continuously improve the understanding of the world, the new things to understand and create, now the motivation of learning on the middle line hovering, There may not be a moment to find the place you love or to find a way to learn more about yourself.

3. Responsible, maybe it's not about learning, but I think a person from the community, walking in the community, responsibility is indispensable.

4. I feel that software engineering is closer to the digital world today, it is the digital world leader, I hope I can truly integrate into this digital world.

5. I like the experiment, like the code is hit by me through the keyboard in C language software pleasure, about 2000 of the Code bar.

6.C language code needs to be bold to try a variety of different methods, because once spent an afternoon in a way to edit the code I want to implement, although finally written out, but accidentally found another more efficient, more direct, less time complexity of the method.

7. Entertainment and cognitive aspects and proficiency, in the boring time to tap the code you want to add a lot of fun.

8. Yes.

13. Copy: for (i=0;i<n;i++)


Find: for (i=0;i<n;i++)

if (a[i]==5)

printf ("There")

Sort: for (i=0;i<n;i++)

for (z=0;z<i;z++)

if (A[i]>a[z]) {




14: The breakpoint is the program debugging with the press CTAL+F10 can be in the corresponding location to see all the current program values

15: Unable to keep up with the teacher's rhythm, there is no way to brain repair ppt in the example.

Self-evaluation of knowledge and ability in C language

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