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Windows XP does not have its own Wubi input method, which is undoubtedly a great regret for Wubi users. Online Wubi type of input method although a lot of types, there are excellent versions, but on the one hand some versions are shareware need to register, on the other hand, perhaps a lot of Wubi type input method of the old users are most accustomed to use or veteran "Wang code Wubi Input Method version 86/98."

Microsoft Office XP software contains this old Wubi input method, but if the user does not use any of the components of Office XP, just to use "Wang code Wubi Input Method" and run Office XP installer, it is a bit of a fuss, Not to mention is some zero in the outside use public computer and want to use the Wubi type Input method situation. So there are a lot of simplified installation methods on the Web, which can be divided into three steps:

Copy Input Method file (from or 9x/me. Sample Code fice XP CD-ROM or has been installed "Wang code Wubi Input Method" of the computer extraction)

Add registry key

Add Input method through Control Panel after reboot

The whole process of copying Input method files and add registry entries can be used batch and import registry files to simplify the operation, but the computer must be restarted to add Input method in the Control Panel, which also makes users feel more cumbersome. So as a programming enthusiasts can write a small program to achieve without restarting the computer in the case of automatic installation of "Wang code Wubi Type Input Method" (that is, that is, the use of the installed)? The answer is YES! Because Microsoft's Office XP installer has done this, it means that Microsoft must have an interface specifically designed to install input methods, typically a series of API functions.

After some groping, the author in MSDN found this can be used to install the input method of Api:imminstallime (). Ok, now we begin to use this API to realize our own "Wang code Wubi type Input Method" Automatic installation program.

First, prepare the material

We first try to extract the "Wang code Wubi type Input Method" input file from the Office XP CD. Look for the "WINWB" file in the first installation disk of Office XP with Windows lookup, and find 14 files in winwb86.chm.*, WINWB86. Cnt.*, WINWB86. hlp.*, winwb86a. Ime.*, winwb86a. Mb.*, winwb86w. Ime.*, winwb86w. mb.*, winwb98.chm.*, WINWB98. Cnt.*, WINWB98. hlp.*, winwb98a. Ime.*, winwb98a. Mb.*, winwb98w. Ime.*, winwb98w. mb.*, where * is a long string of letters, numbers, and slide lines (personally think it should be Microsoft in order to verify the correctness of the contents of the file is added to the file Parity code suffix bar). Get rid of this long suffix and you can see 5 different types of files. It's obvious, *. CHM, *. CNT and *. HLP is the Wubi type Input method of Help files, *. MB is a code table file, and *. The IME is the primary input method file. where *. IME and *. MB has a filename section ending with a and a W end two versions, after the author tests confirmed that they are ANSI and Unicode two versions of the input file. Files with a file name section ending with a are applied to Windows 9x, and files ending with W apply to NT series Windows systems.

After extracting the input method files, you must have the installer copy them to the correct directory for different versions of the operating system so that the API can be invoked to install the input method. The author found the above files in the Windows 98SE and Windows XP operating system with the "Wang Code Wubi Type Input Method" installed in Office XP, finding that the Help files are stored in the \Windows\Help directory (this assumes that WINDOWS systems are installed in \ Windows directory). and the main input method file (*. IME) and Code table files (*. MB) is stored in the \Windows\System directory under Windows 9x and is stored in the \Windows\System32 directory in the NT series Windows system.

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