Self-service git services that are easier to build than Gitlab ——— gogs!

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Everyone thinks Gitlab is a great git hosting service, almost as powerful as GitHub. However, there is a product comparable to gitlab/github and easier to operate, yes, it is gogs. The project follows the GitHub Go language, and Gogs's four main developers are Chinese. Oh, my pride is on my own!

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What is Gogs?

gogs is a self-help Git service that is easy to build. Its goal is to create a self-help Git service in the simplest, fastest, and most relaxed way. Using Go language development allows Gogs to be distributed through separate binaries and supports all platforms supported by the go language, including Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and ARM platforms, and more.

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What characteristics does Gogs have? 1.Easy to install: In addition to the binary run that can be downloaded from the operating system platform, it can also be installed via Docker or vagrant, as well as package management. 2.Cross-platform: Any platform supported by the Go language can run Gogs, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and arm. 3.Lightweight: A cheap Raspberry Pi configuration is sufficient to meet the minimum system hardware requirements of gogs. Some users even run Gogs on the NAS device.

4, Open source : All the code is open source on GitHub, quickly join us to jointly develop this great project!

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What are the main functions of gogs?

-Support active timeline-support for SSH and HTTP/HTTPS protocol-support for SMTP, LDAP, and reverse proxy user authentication-support for reverse proxy subpath-support for user, organization, and warehouse management systems-support for warehouse and organization-level WEB hooks (including Slack integration)-Support warehouse G It hooks and deployment keys-support for warehouse work orders (Issue), merge requests (pull request), and wiki-support for adding and removing warehouse collaborators-support Gravatar and custom feeds-support mail Services-Support admin panel-support MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, and TIDB (experimental support) database

-Support for multilingual localization (15 languages)

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Gitlab is an open source project management program developed with Ruby on Rails that allows access to public or private projects through a web interface. It has a similar function to Github, with the ability to browse source code, manage defects, and annotate. With more features like Git Warehouse management, code reviews, issue tracking (problem tracking), wikis, GitLab with GitLab CI, it's easier to implement continuous integration and automated deployment. We use GitHub as a reference to compare the two products of Gogs and Gitlab .

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To say GitHub is definitely the most powerful code hosting platform. But what if you're creating a great iOS game, or don't want people to see your code? You'll need to buy a private GitHub library, while Gitlab and Gogs can save on this part of the overhead, putting the project on your own server, even on your own workstation, while providing services that are very similar to GitHub.

And the biggest difference between Gitlab and Gogs is gogs.Use the Go languageDevelopment, you only need to extract the compressed package to the selected folder in the installation, you can easily develop on multiple platforms, Gogs occupies less resources, so it is easy to run on the system resources (it can run in Raspberry Pi). You can also run with the default configuration, or make some minor tweaks. As for the Code review (pull request) can be said to be gogs missing a function, Gogs's main developers are trying to develop. But overall, it's also a rich, private git hosting service.

Gogs, a lightweight , easy -to-set, cross-platform git hosting service, has an international design and tries to build a community that is no less than Gitlab and GitHub. Although they are not mature, they have great potential.

Today is the "10 24 Programmer's Day", where the small series represents the whole "procedural ape" children's shoes happy holiday!

Scan belowTwo-dimensional codeor click "read the full text"You can use Gogs with one click without downloading the installation. 650) this.width=650; "Src=" Vgsq2bll9kn24dthbudh57cqgpyb5q1gc0pba0j2z3qsk6giaf26znx5onlicz6dknf5gl6piawicbnvdch01icsoa/640?wx_fmt=jpeg &tp=webp&wxfrom=5&wx_lazy=1 "style=" Margin:0px;padding:0px;height:auto;vertical-align:middle;width: auto; "alt=" 640?wx_fmt=jpeg&tp=webp&wxfrom=5&wx_lazy "/> Good Rain Cloud City officially released!
If you develop the application is material, interesting, do not hesitate, quickly to sweep the code settled! 650) this.width=650; "Src=" Vgsq2bll9kn24dthbudh57cqgpyb5q1gerwibnc2redvnfahhv5xh3bbagv5xxnhxyjcntjpffe0jhjmkxxfv7g/640?wx_fmt=jpeg&tp =webp&wxfrom=5&wx_lazy=1 "style=" MARGIN:0PX;PADDING:0PX;HEIGHT:AUTO;VERTICAL-ALIGN:MIDDLE;WIDTH:196PX; " alt= "640?wx_fmt=jpeg&tp=webp&wxfrom=5&wx_lazy"/> Remember to change to your QR code.

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Self-service git services that are easier to build than Gitlab ——— gogs!

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