Self-Test in client-server collaborative development

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Software jointly developed by the client and the server is usually developed by both parties after the communication protocol is determined, and joint debugging is conducted at a certain time point. Therefore, problems often occur during joint debugging. In order to reduce or avoid the impact on the project progress/quality, the importance of self-testing in the development stage must be emphasized, it is also institutionalized and standardized.


For the client, some interfaces must be supported by data. In the initial stage of development, the server cannot provide such data. Therefore, you must perform self-testing according to the protocol. The simplest way is to establish a pile function to provide data packets that meet the Protocol requirements, so as to test data parsingCodeWhether it is normal, whether the interface is normal, whether the data flow is normal, and so on, the key functions must go through this link. Only in this way can the interface be reduced during later joint debugging, And the progress may be delayed due to the absence of data and the inability to debug details. You can also face Server Error Data with confidence.


For the server side, there is usually no interface for debugging. Therefore, at the initial stage of development, there must be a set of debugging/testing mechanisms to perform file dump or binary display on the data returned to the client, to check the consistency with the Protocol, so as to avoid the error data provided to the client during joint debugging.


code or data generated during the above process can be normalized for later reuse, senior Management Personnel should establish an effective and necessary management system, constrain and review the above processes and results, and use them as an integral part of the phase review, so as to refine such coordination, to reduce the risk and pressure of the project in the future. If conditions are met, you can also invite dedicated testers to join the above process and use professional testing tools for testing, which should have better results.

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