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Now, in the mobile phone Taobao has a headline Taobao, there are good goods, red circle, love shopping and other major content of the operation of the Forum, Taobao has become the arena of talent, attracting tens of millions of users every day to visit. Taobao's Got Talent "mask Uncle" published articles, volume content reading volume broken 100w+; "Running Master" released the news, a single article has 329w reading volume, with 1.53 million points su "clothing collocation division" Average individual content interaction number 1000+. And the beauty teacher "Mr. Josh" single live led to more than 100 single, average 1min/... How to find Taobao vendors to do a good job in the content of the operation? Small knitting to tell you.

  three kinds of modes: sellers how to find Taobao talent cooperation to do the content of operation?

First, the lure of the people to Amoy, many businesses themselves in Amoy outside a lot of co-operation or media organizations, we welcome businesses to recommend them to the Taobao talent system. Based on the talent in the Amoy flow distribution, to help businesses get more traffic.

Second, directional cooperation, through the way Ali v task to find targeted talent to do some promotional cooperation.
Third, the choice of products set Commission, many people in the sharing of content, will go to choose some he felt that match their content to adjust the product. Therefore, businesses can be their own shop inside the more distinctive products to do promotion, while setting a suitable commission to the people. In addition there is a detail reminding, some businesses in a good commodity, and did not find a reasonable promotion model, but often in the commodity played too much psoriasis, in the main picture of the product is written "Original price 99, limit 49", some goods or even psoriasis area accounted for 70%, so hurt the user's shopping experience, Therefore, businesses need to pay special attention to improve their content optimization capabilities.

  Taobao Talent Platform: for the talent to provide what the content of operational services?

First, Amoy Department of the opening of the flow of electricity, especially the mobile phone Taobao Taobao headlines, there are good goods, must buy a list, love shopping, Da, such as the main content of the forum as a major carrier of content open. Among them, "Taobao headline" will provide timely and fresh Taobao activities and event information, as well as consumer-led function of life information and interactive experience; Love shopping "talent Amoy" will be through online live and graphics and video combined, and other ways, the external transmission of the tide of people and red fashion lifestyle; Have good goods "flagship has the quality of life attitude and content, must buy a list of the main for consumers to provide shopping list."

Second, we provide fans concern system and two visits to the system, in particular, micro-Amoy will further expand to reach people and fans, the community's interactive base.
Third, we will give all come into the talent to provide efficient and convenient entry and certification system. We will be based on the content of the human capacity and identity into the common people and the Big V-da. And after our certification of the Big V Tatsu people will want to have the platform to provide the settlement authority and official flow support.

Four, we provide six major content production tools, including posts, items, collocation, video, live and inventory, so that people to produce original content, and different content styles will be for different foreground scenes to do some matching output to meet the different needs of consumers.

V. We provide a diversified business liquidity mechanism for the talent:

The first is the most mature CPS to change the mechanism, that is, after the content of the promotion of merchandise transactions to obtain commissions to cash out.

The second is the CPC, which we conducted in the CPC last year, and opened the CPC advertising authority to some quality media and from the media talent.

Talent to publish the article, according to the algorithm identified by the article recommended attributes associated with the recommendation of ads, when the ads are clicked, the talent can be from the cost of the click. The actual content conversion efficiency is very good, so this year we will try a wider open to the big V talent.

The third is the Ali v Mission, Ali v mission is based on the content of people to create power, fan appeal and the development of business and the task of the talent trading platform. Business through the task platform to find the right talent, and to the people to release paid nature of the task, at the same time the business can get the talent through the task of the goods, brand marketing activities, such as customized content (such as real-person video, assessment and sharing, live show, etc.), and pushed to the The talent can charge a certain amount of the task after completing the task according to the agreement. The task platform is currently in beta, beginning in May this year, we will continue to open the task platform to more merchants and talent use.

Based on the overall content opening plan, from 2015 onwards, the media, media, creators, reds, institutions and other third-party content market will be in the next three years to share 2 billion of the market commission.

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