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11 Holiday period travel site began to big big Baidu Phoenix Nest promotion system to burn money, at the same time, several local large tourism site of the boss and Semer 7*10 hours sitting in front of the computer to see their Baidu Phoenix Nest promotion system backstage, then you will continue to hear the boss call, Almost all are heard to have such a sound boss a: "These words are the promotion of our tourism site key words, we must ensure that the ranking number one, how much money is all right, after the holiday busy after my treat Ah, hard ah,,,"; Boss B: "My keywords why not in the first place, the first few 10 minutes or, what is this?", Boss B: "The word click Price is too high, burn ah, quickly optimize the quality of the keyword,," Every time I hear such a sound, Let us these Baidu promotion consultant regrets the first is the boss of all, their "face"! Speaking of which I think as semer you will often hear the boss such a request, think about why they have this idea? Why do we have to contend for the position of the first place? First, is it really that good? That today Aladdin Baidu Marketing center Baidu promotion researcher for Semer analysis.

First, the netizen to Baidu, gu ge search engine's trust sex. For most netizens, the subconscious generally think that the ranking of the first site is Baidu recommended the best site, you can investigate ah around the non-Internet practitioners, how many people know the left and right Baidu promotion link? It's like the pillars of the country that many parents think the first few years of schooling And the other aspects of children's development does not pay attention to the education of the first concept in the eyes of the north is very important. Therefore, the travel website boss by the National Day 11 to let netizens believe that they are the most suitable for the best local tourism site, will strive to fight for the first position, even before some small customers also consulted us in the limited advertising budget how to let more keywords into the top three.

Second, the national browsing habits. Some of the bosses who have been working on internet sites for a long time must have known that Jacober Nielsen, a famous web designer who has long studied the availability of Web sites in the United States, published a study of eye-tracking, Jakob-nielsen.

In most cases, the report said, viewers can not help to read the "F" shape of the Web page, this basic constant reading habits determines the Web page to show the concern of the f-shaped heat.

The researchers used several different pages of the eye movement test, got 3 of the heat map, using color to indicate the gaze of the viewer's concentration of heat, divided into the hottest (red), Hotter (yellow), not hot (blue) and basic attention (gray) 4 kinds. Where the search results page is wider than the title of the Web page in Serp, the second line is lengthened, but still the F shape.


Figure 1:f-Browse

The researchers interpreted F-type browsing like this

First step: Move horizontally

The viewer first forms a horizontal navigation path at the top of the page.

Step two: Eye down, short range horizontal move

The viewer moves the gaze downward, scanning the area shorter than the previous step.

Step Three: Vertical browsing

After the viewer completes the two steps, the gaze will be scanned vertically along the left side of the page; This step is slower and more systematic and methodical.

Netizens in Baidu search results page There are too many choices, search the keyword after highlighting, resulting in Internet users do not have too much patience to carefully browse each of the search results, in the search results are mostly focused on the top few results, and therefore ranked first site can get more attention of netizens, So you can bring more traffic to the site.

Aladdin Baidu Marketing Center researchers think it is because of the reason, there will be so many bosses to pursue the "first" most of the energy. In their view, the number one is the only way they survive, as long as the position of the first place, in the national Day during the search and promotion of tourism sites, even the winner. The boss of these travel sites will always pay attention to the ranking of hundreds of key keywords, the first to see the rankings down immediately increase the bid to get a quick ranking. Comparative optimization of quality is a protracted war. During the national day, the opportunity is fleeting for travel websites. As if the past few years playing the legend like, every time the siege, a thrilling protracted war also began, you a "knife", I A "sword", until recapture the "city", never give up their own cities.

Now 11 is over. The happiest time for travel websites is to win more netizens, raise the popularity of the internet, and more importantly, the income of the travel company's bank account is on the rise stage. For some local tourism sites, want to hold their own members not to be robbed by the other side, is to spend a large amount of Baidu search advertising budget and campaign funds. If their own development just up and the strength is limited, not be able to pay for its operating costs, rather than be dragged down by advertising, it is better to take part of the cost and energy to be able to get higher value, or consulting like Aladdin Baidu Marketing Center such a specialized search engine service providers in Baidu Search to promote the return on investment.

Talk so much how do we choose the ranking of keywords? To solve this problem, we should start from the essence of the enterprise, that is to maximize the profit. Companies in Baidu, Google and other well-known search engines such as advertising promotion, most of it is to achieve their own business goals, or sell products, or promote their own services, of course, there are non-profit nature of the site, it seems that in China rarely encountered such a purely non-profit site. Therefore, the boss needs to measure the difference between sales and costs, that is, profits. But for most Baidu marketing consultants, there is little access to the customer's profit data. From Baidu to Baidu in the agent to the Aladdin Baidu Marketing Center, few customers readily improve the data for our reference. Aladdin Baidu Marketing Center suggested Semer can be returned to the second, to measure the amount of conversion. Therefore, "to be able to achieve as many transformations in a limited budget as possible" is the basis of our choice of rankings. This includes two meanings, more conversions and lower conversion costs. We want to use this as a target and choose the right ranking position.

So how do you do that? Many Semer certainly ask quick fixes, which we haven't had in years of experience with big customer service. Aladdin Baidu Marketing Center recommended Semer to carry out different rankings or ranking range of continuous attempts, this can use Baidu to promote live this good tool, and then the ranking or ranking range of performance data recorded, through the comparison to choose to get more conversion rankings (to ensure that the account and keyword settings are roughly the same). For example, keep the keyword ranking in the first few locations of Baidu search page for a week or longer and record ranking data, and then through the optimization of quality adjustment rankings for the same test. For those in all rankings performance is not very good keywords, if the confirmation of creative quality, page content mismatch and other reasons, Aladdin Baidu Marketing proposal you still deleted it. Instead of having an effect, it's better to spend more on the key words that have a high conversion rate, and be sure to remember this, because boss is more concerned with the effect than you are. And for the selection of Baidu to promote the effect of good keywords, Aladdin suggested that you increase the intensity of promotion, for example, to increase the budget of such keywords, the extension of keywords online time and so on. On the other hand, this kind of keywords can be expanded to increase the number of keywords, and in a similar way to promote, thereby promoting the entire account to promote the effect.

The above is Aladdin Baidu Marketing center Baidu Promotion Consultant in the summary during the National Day Tourism website in Baidu advertising effect on the basis of the initial start or Baidu to open a few enterprises in the near future. Welcome to visit our website in order to get professional Baidu to promote the guidance of consultants.

This article comes from the Aladdin Baidu Marketing Center and the SEM Club, the Http:// club concentrates on the search engine auction promotion personnel technical Exchange, reprint please leave this copyright information to thank the cooperation!

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