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As a qualified SEM personnel, must have the ability of data analysis. Tianjin network Promotion [] to introduce you to the basis of the five points:

1, SEM data analysis: Trend analysis

Learn about the site audience's attention to your site during each period.

Through the above data can timely grasp and improve the quality of Web site access, the development of appropriate business strategies to understand the effects of various business activities.

2, SEM data analysis: Flow source

Analyze all sources of traffic, including: search engines, other referral sites, and direct access to three types of traffic sources.

Through the above data you can find out which search engine sites bring traffic, subdivide the search term data and netizens to visit your site by other than search engines.

3, SEM data analysis: the promotion effect

Baidu to promote as an example:

See Baidu to promote your site to bring the flow and transformation situation. Timely understanding of the effects of various promotional methods and whether these effects meet the expected business objectives, thereby helping you more targeted to improve the Baidu promotion program.

First select the time period that you want to view, and then select up to 3 indicators you want to see, the column in the middle of the page will be displayed in different colors to show you the flow of different promotional programs. The table below the page is all indicators in this period of data, through the click into the promotion program, you can see the promotion unit flow, and then click into the promotion unit, you can see the flow of the key words.

In general, if visitors are interested in the information provided by the Web page, they stay longer and look at more pages, which increases the average length of visit and average number of pages in the tracking data. If the average length of visit is a few seconds, the bounce rate is up to 90%, which means that visitors don't see what they want to see on the web.

4, SEM data analysis: Visitor characteristics

To understand the geographical distribution of visitors: to provide the flow of data to your site, this data can help you to distribute the geographical distribution of the budget and targeted the development of business promotion strategy.

Learn about the guest system environment: Visitors to the various client system environments browse the site.

5, SEM data analysis: visited the page

Analysis of the visited page: to understand the various pages of the site access data, the most favorite Web pages are what the page will stay on the various pages and other information.


Tianjin Network Promotion-XF Network Studio that: In fact, SEM is through the data to draw a strategy, conclusions, so as to enhance the user experience, website guidance, and finally achieve transformation.

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