Send some pictures to miss my young age-Women in Kunlun

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Send some pictures to miss my young age-Women in Kunlun

================ Liu Xiaoying ================

Thank you, Zhang Lu. The painting is very good .. These two are Liang Xiao and Liu Xiaoying.

This is the most appropriate, Liang Xiao's melancholy, Xiao Ying's fruit Yi, Xiao Shuang's gentle .. Unfortunately, Ah Xue is missing ..

This is also found in the search for "Liu Xiaoying". Green is the color of Ying, And it is cosplay... Nice.

This is good, but it seems a little small .. No charm ..

This is also Zhang Lu's work.

This is the most beautiful, but why is it ??

[New Poetry]

Happy and bitter
Ten years of thinking companion, seeing also sad and sad
Infinite pain, regret and regret
Day is not fate, life is also stunned

================== Hua Xiaoshuang ====================

This is an illustration of the novel ..

This should be Xiao Shuang, But ming Yan knows that Xiao Shuang is not like this ..

This was stolen from Xiaoshuang. People in the bar are also interested. This is a good job...

"Xiao Xiaoshuang" should be very cute, but this one...

This is also quite attractive, but the Xiao Shuang in my heart is not like this ..

In terms of image, I think this is the best interpretation of "Xiao Shuang" Mm. What do you think ??

Yuan he xiaxiao exposure, life first West Lake edge. before the Cangshan Mountains, the first battle of Xiangyang, the soul of the Qiantang, suddenly like the rest of the world. gather apricot forest again. the flood of waves, the hatred of the enemy, and the white blade. lonely west, from tears cream forest drunk. A pale white dress, Ji cangsheng Kyushu. it has been flushed for ten years. tears, bitter and sour, who knows taste. qianlong is difficult to find, numerous and scattered, but in the sea, the moon is like a frost.

================== A snow ============

Speaking of axue, I have to say a few more words... I feel quite similar to Zhu in tianlong Babu. Although the process is different, the results are similar. This is a silly girl. Although Liang Xiao has always had only the meaning of her siblings, she has always insisted on herself. At the last moment, Liang Xiao finally accepted her (from the heart ), at least, she went with a smile. Is it similar to Zhu? Every time I see little Prince Song and ask "What about Aunt ?" That upset me .....

Who can forget this moment ?? Poor Ah Xue...

Where is the gentle smile today ??

Obviously, this is a Korean mm from Linyi, but it is still quite good, but it may not always look like this in everyone's mind.

Written by a talented girl:

The new moon's eyebrows are not infected, and it is known that the reunion will end up.
With the old man's experience, the boys are not negative.
Spring evening where word fanghua, scattered from three points.
The water spring sorrow years old, cut smoke wave tears.
Hua fa is not an old man, and Shaohua is in a hurry.
Thin sleeves are cool-colored and the skins are not noticed by you.
People go to the two sides to scatter, and the clouds of Lotus are pale.
I am a sister, and I am alone.
The old lady has never been pale, but the old lady has to waste his name.
If you have a complete life In the Qianshan region, you can only look forward to the boat.
You may have traveled to the ends of the earth, but may not have been buried.
The city was damaged by gunoma, and the cold waves were scattered in the dream.
When the water goes to the end of the night, the clouds do not sigh.
Once a day, you can never ask for anything in this life.
To leave the time in a hurry, but the moth is always on fire.
The blood and wet thin shirt in the red, a few words burst into tears.
I am afraid that I will die without waiting for the king.
The wind and rain let the soul, Qian Tang line of water weeping.
A few more memories of the face smile, just as the first sight only as an embers.
Since then, there have been countless important events in the world.
The bamboo and bird have gone through dust, and the fireworks of the beacon are not carved.
Ten years later, Qian Tang, and the dead water were lost.
Personnel empty as the tide falls, where to re-find the snow sleeve.

"================= Wind pity ===================="

A "very" girl who loves Liang Xiao, unfortunately, the fallen flowers intentionally follow the water, and the water falls in love with the flowers .... Finally, he became Liang Xiao's apprentice .. Her picture is really hard to find... Finding an illustration is not official yet.

Some people say that comfort is quite a pity, and I think it is very far away... I think it's a typical oriental beauty. What's the charm of the western region ?? And the wind pity gives me a "hot" feeling, there is no comfort ..

Pity you infatuation

Wind pity is probably a very real girl, just because the sad man gave her a BMW, she easily touched the truth, from then on, a heart is delivered to him, the ends of the earth, and life and death.
I often think, is it her fortune or misfortune that wind pity encounters Liang Xiao? Maybe there are more unfortunate ingredients. This beautiful girl from the elite family, who was treated as a monthly star from an early age, has been a moth because of his appearance, never give up, without hesitation toward that can melt all the light fly, even if the ending is the ashes, still with gentle and satisfied lips smile.
Yan Ying, the unbeaten legend at the foot of the mountain, is an old love that cannot be forgotten for the whole of life for Liang Xiao. the dull, stupid, but pure and kind ah Xue is also favored and protected by Liang Xiao; xiao Shuang, the spotless dust, is Liang Xiao's final destination, a round of mercury moonlight in his mind.
What about wind pity?
Her position in Liang Xiao's mind will never match those three. For Liang Xiao, she is just a child, and she can't do anything. When I read it, I always feel that Liang Xiao is a gentle and perfunctory character. Wind pity is also a smart and smart girl, how can I not understand my position in Liang Xiao's heart? But she still chose to follow, even if it means to look at his back in a lonely manner.
"I understand her, just as she understands me ." When Liang Xiao said this, it should also be the day of wind pity. Liang Liu's tacit understanding and understanding of this kind of lover's confidant will never be possessed by wind pity. She does not know Liang Xiao, but Liang Xiao does not know her. However, she is willing to burn her life to understand him, and he is not willing to look down to see the heat hidden in her eyes.
The envy of pig is clearly written on paper, and I am very sad. Ying is so good that she can't even be jealous! How cruel is this? Let the girl be so helpless in front of her "enemy of affection" that the beauty and ability of the girl can be found, teach this proud and bright flower to go down to the dust.
Finally, she chose to call him a master, with a few lines of dependency and reverence. Deeply buried in my heart.
The two most touching parts are as follows:
"I'm not afraid, it's a big deal to die together !" Said his eyes staring at Liang Xiao, revealing a gentle affection.
The wind pity silently did not answer, the heart said: "Master martial arts, no matter how dangerous, he can always find a way to deal with the world. Even if he really cannot win, he will die and I will not survive. He will not always be taught to walk on the huangquan road in a lonely and clear manner ." The mind was reached, and Liang Xiao's figure was visible, with a gentle smile on his face.
Sigh wind pity, so persistently read, let Liang Xiao go to the ends of the earth, even if it is to go to the land of Huang Quan, she is willing to follow him. Imagine the gentle twenty in the eyes of her brow when she said these words. Imagine the perseverance and perseverance of her childish face. I shed tears, And the round tears were on the pages of the book, blurred sight.
I think of the flowery, this infatuated man, even though the later "jingtian" is how handsome and elegant, I am afraid that in the heart of wind pity, he will always be the boy who loves tears. He can be her younger brother, she can be gentle, but she can't be her love. Just like the wind and pity, there is no Liang Xiao's love in the future. The man named Liang Xiao, a man with an iron bone, is still the blood of the young man. He is a teacher to her, and cannot infringe upon the God that cannot be abused.
Come to my lovesickness door, tell me to have a bitter time, long lovesickness, long Lovesickness is infinite. In Kunlun, the wind pity is indeed not a pretty girl who is very attractive. It is not as elegant as Qingying. It is simply cute as a snow, and there is no clear understanding of the beautiful mood of Xiao Shuang. Her willfulness, her eyes, were not so excited. I only love Her Infatuation deeply. I love her so crazy, so persistent, and so silly.
Sighs! She wants happiness, but it's just a mirror flower.

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