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A few days ago, China Netcom branch of a province with the Treasure de Science and technology to complete large-scale streaming media VOD system, for the existing 50,000 online users to provide broadband video information entertainment services, and for the 2008 Olympic Games video live broadcast to do the early foundation work. This system provides up to 90 sets of pr2510d and 10 pr4850d dual-core melons by Bao de technology. And by the China Netcom branch of the province to provide 2.5G export bandwidth, the establishment of the provincial-level IDC Center as the core, covering Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan, more than three centers, give full play to the rich bandwidth of netcom resources, and at the same time allow existing customers to enjoy a wide range of information services, Netcom users as long as through the ordinary PC terminals. Through the ordinary ADSL Internet, you can receive on demand to see a clear flow of dynamic movie images.

The province Netcom Branch is the central management of the special large-scale telecommunications transport companies, is the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games fixed communications partners, or New York and Hong Kong SAR listed companies. Affiliated to China Netcom Limited division; Under the jurisdiction of 21 municipal branches, China Netcom's modern communication network covers the whole network, extends the Asia-Pacific, access the world, technologically advanced, full-featured, safe and reliable, is the Asia-Pacific region's only China-based international District City-type telecom operators, service areas covering Japan, Korea, Singapore, 11 countries and regions, such as the Philippines.

With the widespread application of broadband technology and the continuous improvement of decompression technology, video playback on the internet has become possible. Netcom XX Branch network user resources spoke to the province, in order to further develop user resources to meet the 2008 Olympic Games broadcast, the province Netcom urgent need to introduce large streaming media VOD system.

Programme content

In the system design of Netcom VOD, it is the focus of design to consider hosting such a large user group, network bandwidth, disk I/O bandwidth and I/O performance. Powerleader, the basic idea of system design is put forward through multiple verification.

By placing the WWW server, authentication server, billing server, database server, Management Server, management station and streaming media server group in the center of the provincial IDC, the centralized management and unified billing of the center, the unified portal to provide services to the whole district users, the user in the Center unified authentication, and other streaming media server distribution in the vicinity of Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan, a VOD server system to form a wide-City Network load balance. Distributed system is advantageous to the disk I/O and network bandwidth to do a good segmentation, to ensure the network and disk I/O performance, platform technology ioat can guarantee I/O performance, reduce CPU utilization.

In the central region, streaming media server performance is the best, using the high-end four-way dual-core Xeon Server pr4850d, a number of dual-machine cluster to achieve Media Resource center services; streaming media servers around the region recommend cost-effective new dual-core Xeon PR2510D implementation (PR2510D server, Processor Dempsey 2.66GHz, memory Fbdimm 2GB,73GB SATA Hard Drive, dual gigabit NIC, Windows 2003/redhat Linux operating system: MySQL database: VOD application software system, And then increases as the number of users in the local range increases. All over the streaming media servers can also be to the entire central region and other surrounding areas of user services, the load balance between the servers, to achieve program dynamic distribution, automatic distribution to solve the high concurrent flow requirements.

In order to solve the demand of IP VOD system, it is proposed to use chess block-distributed system, the system design idea is centralized management, storage distribution, load balance distribution, for the future system development smooth expansion, the largest resource sharing preparation. In this way, the system can better adapt to the increase of users on demand, reasonable use of network bandwidth, for the system economic benefits, the future expansion of the system, Network Service quality assurance and other aspects bring great benefits.

Technical features

Powerleader based on Bensiey platform technology, the launch of a dual-core server, the new platform to adopt a series of technologies, these technologies significantly improve the total cost of ownership and density of the server, so that the new server and the previous generation of servers, performance 85% increase, energy efficiency 3 times times. In particular, the introduction of Ioat technology, for large-stream, high data flow of the application environment of these comprehensive performance of the upgrade, have become the user side of the selection of the server's preferred conditions.

Dual-core Dual-core technology delivers high availability: dual-core processors based on the intel® Bensley platform Dempsey and Woodcrest, with the Intel S5000 chipset to maximize system performance and provide high availability. Provide network card redundancy, hard disk hot plug redundancy and cooling fan redundancy, to ensure that the system is really high available Dempsey kernel or Woodcrest core dual-core processor, High-performance Low-power.

Virtualization Technology VT: greatly enhance the reliability and flexibility of the platform, providing a strong guarantee for server integration, migration of original data and security.

I/oat Technology: The TCP/IP protocol stack is optimized for today's processor architectures, and the performance of the platform is enhanced to significantly reduce latency during data transmission, overcome other important factors in network acceleration, and better utilize Gigabit Ethernet channels and today's high-performance processors. Maximize Network load capacity by up to 30%, while reducing CPU processor occupancy.

Programme implementation

The province of China Netcom branch of the successful implementation. It solves the bottleneck points of the large telecom-level VOD system, and the technology of Ioat, IMAT, VT and so on has been fully verified in the VOD system, and it is true that the platform technology caused by dual-core has brought more performance improvement to the users.

Powerleader Server high quality performance, stable operation of the province Netcom to bring great benefits. Good on-demand effect, so that the province Netcom in a short period of time has more than 50,000 registered users, and the number is still growing.

The provincial Netcom branch of the technical director of the evaluation said: Powerleader provided by the overall solution, taking into account the design features of the VOD system, full consideration of disk I/O, network performance and I/O acceleration, etc., is a very good solution. At the same time, the current online operation of the machine, operating normally, smooth client services, Netcom is very approved of this package.

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