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According to the arrangement of the National Computer technology and software professional technical qualification (level) examination, the positions as senior engineers includeProject Manager, system analyst, and System Architect(The system architecture here mainly refers to the software system architecture ). The requirements and responsibilities of these three positions are defined as follows:


(1) Project Manager: Knowledge System of Information System project management, experience and ability to manage large and complex information system projects and multi-project; Ability to organize feasible project management plans according to requirements; able to organize project implementation, manage project personnel, funds, equipment, progress and quality, make timely adjustments according to actual conditions, and systematically supervise project implementation performance, ensure that the project meets the established project objectives under certain constraints, analyze and evaluate the project management plan and achievements, and detect problems in the early stages of project management progress, take preventive measures; coordinate relevant personnel involved in the project. That is, the project manager is responsible for implementing and controlling the entire project and coordinating various resources (including internal and customer resources ).


(2) System Analyst: Familiar with the business in the application field, able to analyze users' needs and constraints, write Information System Requirement Specification, formulate project development plans, and coordinate various personnel involved in project development and operation; can guide the formulation of strategic data planning for enterprises and organize development projects; can evaluate and select appropriate development methods and tools; can compile system analysis and design documents according to standards and specifications; can control the quality and progress of the development process; can guide the project development in detail. That is, the primary responsibility of system analysts is to acquire and analyze user needs, form standardized documents, and guide the development of the entire project. They need to constantly communicate with customers and be familiar with the business in the application field.


(3) System Architect: Ability to design a correct and reasonable software architecture based on user requirements and the actual conditions of the user's application field, maintain system components and interfaces, and ensure the system architecture has good performance; ability to describe, analyze, design, and evaluate the project at the system architecture level; Ability to compile relevant design documents according to relevant standards; solid theoretical knowledge, extensive knowledge, able to work with system analysts and project managers. That is, the System Architect is responsible for the overall and macro system design, focusing on the architecture level. It is purely technical to describe, analyze, and evaluate the architecture.

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