Seniors, who want to work with Google through three years's accumulation, how to prepare?

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I think you need to find a technical direction, set up a principle with this technical direction as the primary goal, do a good job in this area, and have a thorough understanding of all the technical details in this area .
This is to do their own job, in doing these things at the same time, your ability to improve.
In short, it is impossible to half-hearted, to focus.

Then, the amateur write some of their own small projects, has been writing, writing, and other people's look, look at other people's design and code, and then change their own, then write and change, so repeatedly, cycle, design ability and understanding of programming principles gradually improved .
Why write your own project? Because the company's work is biased business-oriented, and you may not be able to participate in all, amateur projects can be a bit of pure technology flow and all by you to complete, one to fill the gap, and sharpen the technology, you can constantly change ah, the company's things are not you want to change, you can change.

I think programming is more important in both respects:

    • Learn to improve your programming skills through the quest for details
    • Improve design capability and understanding of programming principles by writing program changes in a cyclic manner

Why should I mark it black? The theory of software engineering has been countless times, which is not the mouth to come? Which one does not say that he attaches great importance to software engineering? But most people for coding specifications, best practice is a "we are engaged in engineering, we are startups, we beg fast, we do not, we want the code is not testing" attitude, I did not stay in this place, do not know that most of the midnight overtime is to fix more bugs or add new features?

Life truth as a child to learn the light, primary school learned today, the school to sell oil Weng, cut the wages of charcoal in Nanshan, the oil drain money is not wet, but hand ripe, know it is not every day someone to shortcut, someone find a shortcut to find a few years ...
So, you have to write more, more 艹 艹, after the experience, the truth you know deep

Of course, a wide range of friends to expand their horizons to try some new toys and other things, the book is written very clear so I will not repeat.

Oh, that's right .... 1 months before the interview began to brush the algorithm and data structure, brush a brush or is necessary, a lot of things after a long time although you know, but the naked write up or will stumble, others brush you do not brush, in the eyes of the interviewer you are stupid. Of course, you can also crush other people's words, not brush is also possible.

2 years is a long time, failure to try again every six months, but I hope you still have dream company this idea ....

Although the general reaction of the United States, the company is easy to face, but look at the level of face or the same as the domestic, you have not, do not mean that you do not, it is likely to interview the aunt, the next year to fight or change the company play it.

Seniors, who want to work with Google through three years's accumulation, how to prepare?

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