Sentinel Operations Monitoring for Redis

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One: Sentinel Operations monitoring

Sentinel continuously communicates with master to obtain the slave information for master.Monitor the status of master and slave if a slave fails, directly notify Master to remove the slave.If master fails, which is based on slave priority (configurable), select 1 slave to doNewMaster, put other slave-->NewMaster Questions: Sentinel communicates with Master if a time-out occurs because the master IO operation is frequentat this, that Master failed, very arbitrary.Solve: Sentnel allows multiple instances to guard 1 master, and when n sets (n can be set) Sentinel considers master invalid, it officially fails.Sentinel option Configuration Port26379#PortSentinel Monitor MyMaster 6379 2,Name of the host (not heavy),When 2 Sentinel instances are considered master invalid,official expiration Sentinel down-after-milliseconds MyMaster 30000the number of milliseconds after the connection does not reach the master thought to disconnect Sentinel can-failover MyMaster Yes#whether Sentinel is allowed to modify slave->master. If no, it can only be monitored, not authorized to modify.Sentinel Parallel-syncs MyMaster 1, modifying several slave at once to point to the new master.Sentinel Client-reconfig-script MyMaster/var/redis/,#scripts that can be triggered when you reconfigure the new master,new slave procedure

Sentinel Operations Monitoring for Redis

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