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When we open a Web site, if there is no response for a long time, or when the URL is wrong, we see the following scenario:


This error page is 404 pages, today Shanghai SEO Xiao ran dugu fly and everyone chat about 404 of this household name SEO basic knowledge.

The 404 page is the page that is returned when the user enters the wrong link. Is the error that is frequently seen in the WWW site visit. The most common error tip: 404 Not FOUND.

HTTP 404 error means that the link to the page does not exist, that is, the original page URL invalidation, this situation will often occur, it is difficult to avoid, such as: Web site URL generation rules change, Web page file name or move location, import link spelling errors, etc., resulting in the original URL address is inaccessible When the server receives a similar request, it returns a 404 status code telling the browser that the resource being requested does not exist.

  1. Some children's shoes may ask: What is the purpose of the website setting up 404 pages?

The purpose of the 404 page is to tell the viewer that the requested page does not exist or link incorrectly, and that the user is directed to use other pages of the site instead of closing the window to leave.

 2. There may be children's shoes will continue to ask: 404 page is the reason for the error?

404 error pages cause this error in general, there are three scenarios:

1), unable to access the Web site on the requested port.

2 The Web service extension lockout policy blocks this request.

3), the MIME mapping policy prevents this request.

  3. So how to avoid 404 pages appear, is there any way to solve it?

Restore the missing Web page files to the correct location and reset the network services. For users, you need to check that the network address you have entered is correct.

Customizing the 404 error page is a good way to enhance the user experience, but it often fails to notice the impact on the search engine, such as a bad server-side configuration that causes the return of a "200" status code or a custom 404 error page to use meta-refresh to return a "302" status code. A custom 404 error page that is correctly set should not only be displayed correctly, but should also return the "404" error code instead of "200" or "302". Although the HTTP status code is "404" or "200" for the user, it is very important for the search engine.

 4. If the site opened after a lot of 404 pages, this site has no impact on the rankings, will not be punished by Baidu?

Search engine spider when request a URL to get "404" state response, that means that the URL is no longer indexed and the page is deleted from the index database by feedback to the datacenter, and of course the deletion process may take a long time; and when the search engine gets "200" Status code, the URL is considered valid and will be indexed and included in the index database, so that the two different URLs have exactly the same content: Customize the contents of the 404 error page, which causes the replication Web page problem. Light is the search engine down the right, heavy will k off the site.

  5. As mentioned above, can you tell me what the 404 page should be set?

1. For existing Web page content due to the path changes caused by the access, can be defined in IIS 404 error point to a dynamic page, in the page using 301 Permanent Redirect to the new address, when the server returned 301 status code.

2, set 404 point to a well-designed HTML file, this time the page returns the 404 status code. Now the IDC provider basically provides 404 set of functions, directly upload file settings.

To set the method in IIS: Open IIS Manager--> Click the properties of the Web site you want to set custom 404--> click Custom error option--> select 404 Page--> Select and open Edit Properties--> set to URL--> URL to fill in. Err404.html "--> Click OK to exit and then upload the good err404.html page to the site root directory.

Note: In the message type here, be sure to select file or default, rather than URL, which will result in the return of the "200" status code.

3, 404 point to a dynamic page, such as error.asp, if not set inside the page, just return the hint of the HTML code, will cause the page to return 200 status code, this is not true, we can display the content of the prompt, add the statement: Response.Status = "404 Not Found", which guarantees that the page returns a 404 status code.

4, Apache set 404 error page. The way to set the 404 error page for Apache server is simply to add the following content to the. htaccess file, ErrorDocument 404/notfound.php.

6. Through the above knowledge of a general understanding of the 404 pages of some basic knowledge, but this is still very abstract, can you give us a look at the specific 404 page what is it?

OK, in order to let us more intuitive some, the following Hsiao-Dugu fly Special collection of some web site creative 404 Design page, please enjoy. See <<404 page Creative Design Appreciation >>


  7. The above picture is very exquisite, but 404 pages exactly what this writing is more correct, can give some actual case?

OK, the following is to provide you with a number of famous station design program for your reference:

 1.) Baidu 404 Page Writing format

The code is as follows:

<div id= "Content" > <div class= "logo" ><a href= "" ></ a></div> <div class= "title" ><b> Your Access error </b><a href= "" > Baidu homepage </a></div> <div class= "cl" >sdsffsd</div>


Baidu 404 Page Setup is very simple, no page jump, provide users choose whether to click on the "Baidu More" (opened after the Baidu series of products navigation page) or a search box Baidu.

  2. Sina 404 Page writing format

The code is as follows:

<table width=544 height=157 border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 align=center> <tr valign=middle align=mid dle> <td background=upload/2012/8/201208102301140162.gif> <table border=0 cellpadding=0 ><TR><TD style=padding-left:80px;padding-top:10px><strong> page is not found for 5 seconds and will take you into the navigation page!</strong ></td> </tr> </table>


Sina 404 Page Setup is very simple, on a logo, set the time to open 404 pages 5 Seconds after the page automatically jump to the navigation page.

 3). Tencent 404 Page Setup

The code is as follows:

<table width= "563" border= "0" align= "center" cellpadding= "0" cellspacing= "0" ><tr> <td height= "125" > </td> <td height= "195" background= "/1.gif" bgcolor= "#FFFFFF" ><table border= "0" align= "center" cellpadding= "0" cellspacing= "0" ><tr> <td width= "210" ><a href= "#" ></a></td> <TD style= "color: #333333; font-size:14px; Font-weight:bold; " > Page not found, 5 seconds after will take you to the home page! </td> </tr></table></td> </tr> </table>


Tencent 404 page settings and Sina 404 page settings, like a logo, set the time to open 404 pages 5 Seconds after the page automatically jump to the homepage of the website.

 4. Alibaba

The code is as follows:

<div id= "content" class= "w952" > Sorry, the page you are looking for does not exist, may have been deleted or transferred <div class= "Sorry fd-clr" ><div class= " Sorry-content "><p> you can: </p><p>1. Check to see if the page URL of the access is correct </p><p>2. Go somewhere else: <a href=" http ://"> Alibaba home </a><a href=" "> Integrity China </a ><a href= "" > Information </a><a href= "" > Community </a></p></div> </div><a href= " Tracelog=re_iali_error-offer01 "class=" more "> more ></a> <a href=" Http:// /1688index.htm?tracelog=re_iali_error-offer01 "> You may be interested in </a>


Alibaba 404 Page Setup is in an inherent template of Alibaba add a 404 page content, the top is the Business-to-business product search box. The lower part is a display of some products. It's a bit more complicated than a few of the stations above, and 404 of pages are less eye-catching. But it also reflects the unique side of the product display of the electric dealer.

  5). seowhy Search Outside

The code is as follows:

<div class= "foucspic" ></div> <div class=" about ">


As SEO master of the husband, well aware of SEO skills, the 404 page settings also have some consideration, the page is very simple, do not jump processing, so that users click on the link to the Forum "Suggestions and Complaints" section to give the error handling. More interactive, but also in time to understand the cause of the page error.

 6). The home of stationmaster

The code is as follows:


As a webmaster information station of the old site, webmaster home In this regard set up very user-friendly, some personification of humorous language so that the original because of the page can not find the need for a restless visitor smile.

 7). A5 Webmaster Network

The code is as follows:

<H1> did not find the page you are trying to access </H1> the requested URL is not found on this server.<ol> <li> please check that the URL you entered is correct. </li> <li> Confirmation It is possible that our page is being upgraded or maintained. </li> <li> You can try to access the following links. <br>


A5 Webmaster Network In this regard and Alibaba some similar, the top is the site navigation, the following is a search box. offers a variety of options.

 404 Page Online detection

Search Outside SEO Toolbox:


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