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Search engine optimization, also known as search engine optimization, is a popular online marketing method in recent years. It aims to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase the website's visibility, in this way, sales opportunities are increased. The SEO of a website refers to the use of search engines to make the website content more accessible and accepted by search engines, after receiving the information of the website, the search engine compares and computes the information of the website, and then places the website with a higher PR value (page rank) on the network where other users will first see the information during the search, in this way, the searcher can obtain correct and helpful information. Seo's main work is to understand how various search engines capture Internet pages, how to index, and how to determine the ranking of search results for a specific keyword, to optimize the webpage, so that it can improve the search engine ranking, so as to increase the Website access traffic, and ultimately improve the sales or promotion capabilities of the website. Search engine optimization is a technology that follows the scientific and comprehensive theoretical mechanism of search engines, rationally plan and deploy the website structure, Web text language, and interaction diplomacy strategies between sites to discover the maximum potential of the website, so that it has a strong natural ranking competitive advantage in the search engine., this will play a role in promoting enterprise online sales and strengthening network brands. Significance of SEOIt is very important to know what Seo is and how to guide beginners to use Seo properly to serve their websites. Many people mistakenly think that Seo is traffic and ranking. The true [1] is to make the website more user-friendly and search engine friendly by using a reasonable method that is easy to search engine indexing ), this makes it easier to be indexed and prioritized by search engines. Search engine optimization is a guiding ideology of search engine marketing, not just ranking Baidu and Google. The search engine optimization work runs through every detail of the whole process of Website planning, construction, and maintenance. It is worth every participant in website design, development, and promotion to understand the significance of their responsibilities for Seo effects. Seo is only a means of network marketing, and must not be Seo for Seo. Currently, the industry's most common view is that UE (User Experience) is the No. 1 Seo second, which eventually leads to the unification of UE and Seo. This Seo Association ( and Seo gold miners ( there are also a lot of related information on the website, because the ultimate willingness of the search engine is to respect the user's choice, that is, the website that the user feels good is at the forefront! So the ultimate goal of learning Seo is to forget Seo What are the steps or links for SEO optimization?SEO is not just a few tips or suggestions, but a mental work that requires patience and attention. In general, SEO includes six links: 1. Keyword analysis (also called keyword positioning) This is the most important part of SEO. Keyword analysis includes: keyword ranking analysis, competitor analysis, keyword-site relevance analysis, keyword layout, and keyword ranking prediction. 2. Website Architecture Analysis the website structure conforms to search engine crawler preferences, which is conducive to SEO. Website Architecture Analysis includes removing poor website architecture design, implementing tree directory structure, website navigation and link optimization. 3. Website directories and page Optimization SEO not only gives the website homepage a good ranking in the search engine, but also brings traffic to every page of the website. 4. content publishing and link arrangement search engines like regular website content updates. Therefore, reasonable arrangement of website content publishing schedules is one of the most important SEO skills. The link layout links the entire website organically, allowing search engines to understand the importance and Keywords of each web page. The reference for implementation is the keyword layout at the first point. This is also the time for the battle of friendship links. 5. When talking to a search engine, you can view the SEO effect on the search engine. You can use site: your domain name to view the website's indexing and updating status. We recommend that you use the Google website administrator tool for better interaction with search engines. 6. website traffic analysis the website traffic analysis guides the next SEO strategy based on the SEO results. It also provides guidance for Website user experience optimization. We recommend that you use Google traffic analysis as a traffic analysis tool. SEO is the process of circulating these six links. Only by continuously carrying out the above six links can your site be guaranteed to have a good performance in the search engine. [Edit this section] SEO operations are classified into off-site SEO and intra-site SEO. We will explain them separately. SEO outside the site can also be said to be separated from the site's search engine technology. The name is derived from the influence of external sites on the ranking of the site's search engine. These external factors are beyond the control of the website. The most useful and powerful external site factor is reverse link, which we call external link. There is no doubt that external links play an important role in adding a site to the search engine result page. So how can we generate high-quality reverse links?1. The best way to produce high-quality external links with high-quality content is to write high-quality content. Your website content gives readers the desire to read. You can exchange links with other websites, register programs that automatically generate links, and buy links from other websites. 2. sending emails to websites related to your content I do not advocate sending emails to other website groups for link exchange, but I suggest if you write a quality article on a topic, if you think it will interest other websites, it is valuable to send a short and polite email to them to let them know your article. Don't be embarrassed even if they don't have a link. You will find that if they click, they will generate direct traffic for the link, so that your website will get a better score in the search engine. 3. Another way to generate reverse links in the category directory is to submit your URL to the category directory. Many webmasters are convinced of the effect of this method. when starting a new site, the first step they do is to work around the classification directory and select the appropriate keywords to submit them to the relevant page for link. There are many category directories, most of which are free of charge. Here we recommend some category directories ,: DOMZ site SEO rich site keywords for your article to add new keywords will be conducive to search engine "Spider" crawling Article index, thus increasing the quality of the site. But do not pile up too many keywords. We should consider "What kind of keywords do people search for in this article? These keywords need to be frequently mentioned in your article. You can follow the following method: the keywords should appear in the webpage Title Tag; the URL contains keywords, that is, some keywords can be placed in the directory name file name; keywords are included in the link text of The Link exported from the web page; keywords are displayed in bold (at least once ); this keyword is mentioned in the tag. (There is a debate on how to use the head tag. However, we all agree that the h1 tag has a better effect than h2, h3, and h4, of course, some web pages that do not use the head label also have a high PR value); the ALT label of the image can be placed into keywords; the entire article should contain keywords, but it is best to put them in the first sentence of the first paragraph; put keywords in meta Tags. It is recommended that the keyword density be between 5 and 20%. If your website is about the same topic, it may get a better ranking. For example, a website with a single topic will rank higher than those with multiple themes. If you create a website with more than 200 pages and the content is the same topic, the ranking of the website will be continuously improved, because your website is considered authoritative in this topic. The site design search engine prefers friendly web page structures, correct code, and websites with clear navigation. Make sure that your pages are valid and visualized in mainstream browsers. The search engine does not like too many Flash, I frames, and java script scripts. Therefore, keeping the site clean and tidy will also help the search engine "Spider" Crawl to your website's index faster and more accurately. The internal link search engine of the site uses the "Spider" program to capture web page information, track the content you write, search for webpages through the URL of the web page, and extract hyperlink addresses. Many SEO experts suggest websites provide website maps. It is best to have one or two in-depth links between every page on the website. The first step for a website is to ensure that the navigation contains a directory page, and that each subpage has a link back to the home page and other important pages. The more frequently a regular website is updated, the more frequently a search engine crawls. This means that the website's new articles can appear in the index in a few days or even hours without waiting for several weeks. This is the best way to benefit your website. Exporting links increases the ranking of websites in search engines. Linking to other websites in the article is useful to readers. There is also some interesting evidence to support this theory. Too many export links will affect your website. "moderate" is the key ". A wise choice of domain name selection involves a lot of knowledge. The important thing is to select a domain name that includes keywords as much as possible. Next, check whether the domain name has been registered. If there is a high-quality site with its reverse link, you will benefit from it; but it is also possible that some sites with poor quality will do reverse link, then you may be unfriendly to search engines for some time. The more compact the topic of a page is, the better the search engine ranks it. Sometimes it is found that you have written a long article covering some different topics, and their relevance is not high, so the ranking on the search engine is not good. If you are concerned about the ranking of search engines, you 'd better split such articles into several articles with closer topics. Writing an article of the appropriate length is too short to get a higher ranking. Generally, each article contains at least 300 words. On the other hand, do not make the article appear too long, because it will not help you maintain the density of keywords, the article also seems to lack of compact. Research shows that too long articles will dramatically reduce the number of readers. They chose to close the article at the first glance. To avoid repeated content search engines, the user guide has severely warned about the same content on multiple webpages. Whether these webpages are yours or owned by others. Because a series of spam sites are constantly copying webpage content (or ***** others' website content ). There are some arguments about what kind of content is counted as a copy. In fact, it depends on whether the content is useful for your website. When there are too many directories, I will be in trouble. I think the level of a large site is higher than that of a small site. Of course, some small sites also have a higher level, which is not a standard. The more directories, the more comprehensive the search engine is. If you have too many pages, you need to organize them to facilitate search engine crawling. Submit to the search engine. If you have done what SEO Should Do on the site, the website has not yet appeared in the search engine. That's because the search engine hasn't started indexing. Each search engine allows users to submit sites not included. This project generally takes 3-5 days. SEO optimizes the overall structure, layout, keyword distribution, and density of a Website Based on the technology and experience gained from long-term exploration and observation by using search engines to incorporate website Rules, this allows websites to capture search engines in a friendly manner, so as to optimize search engines to improve rankings. Because the ranking rules and algorithms of search engines are constantly changing, and these rules and algorithms are trade secrets, it is impossible to ensure that they are ranked in a certain number of places. It is understood that there are a lot of people under the banner of SEO, claiming to be able to rank your website in Baidu, Google's number, and the practice is a means of cheating, this allows your website to become a top position in a short period of time. However, the search engine can identify these methods to be punished. The most serious reason for your website to be punished is that it disappears completely from all major search engines and is not accepted. Therefore, we hope you will be careful not to make your website unavailable for a moment. Seo = more pages + friendly arrangement of page text + conversion rate SEO is divided into white hat SEO and black hat SEO, white hat SEO is a formal and reasonable operation, black hat SEO is a cheating method, the following describes several common cheating methods. We hope that you will not use them. Otherwise, doorway pages that you will regret will be automatically generated using software to generate a large number of webpages containing keywords, then, the webpage is automatically redirected to the home page. The goal is to make these bridge pages with different keywords a good ranking in the search engine. When the user clicks the search result, it will automatically go to the home page. Sometimes it is to put a link to the home page on the bridge page, instead of automatically turning. In most cases, these bridge pages are generated by software. As you can imagine, the generated text is messy and there is no logic. If it is a keyword-containing article written by a person, it is not a bridge page. Keywords are piled up in a large number on the web page, hoping to increase the keyword density and increase the relevance of keywords on the web page. Keywords can be stacked in many places. For example, in the text itself that can be seen by users, the keywords are also stolen. With the improvement of search engine algorithms, keyword density is no longer an important factor. Hidden text is text containing keywords in HTML files of a webpage. However, these words cannot be viewed by users and can only be viewed by search engines. There can be several forms, such as text in the ultra-small font size, text in the same color as the background, text in the comment label, text in the input label of the table, place text on an invisible layer through a style sheet. The goal is to improve the relevance of web pages. Sometimes, some people still put keywords irrelevant to the website content in these places, but they hope the webpage can get a good ranking and traffic under these popular keywords. The hidden link is similar to the hidden text, but the difference is that keywords are placed in the link, which is invisible to users. Some pages of a page (cloaked page) use programs or scripts to check whether they are accessed by a search engine or a common user. If it is a search engine, the webpage returns the optimized webpage version. If the visitor is an ordinary person, another version is returned. This cheating method is usually invisible to users. Because once your browser looks at this webpage, whether on the page or in the HTML source file, you get a different version than the one seen by the search engine. You can check the snapshot of this webpage. Many people who make search engine optimization understand that hidden text may be punished, so the hidden text is exposed in a tiny font. Even a tiny font is used to write keywords in inconspicuous places on the webpage. Generally, these texts are placed at the top or bottom of a webpage. Although the color of these texts is not the same as that of the hidden text as that of the background, they often appear in very similar colors. In the eyes of search engines, declarative text such as "copyright ownership" is usually displayed in a mini font. These tiny texts are generally ignored by viewers, but the sentences they make may be abused. Black hat SEO blind-eye method is our common Chinese meaning of cloaking. It refers to the use of camouflage web pages to determine whether visitors are common viewers or search engine spider programs, so as to display different web pages. This black hat SEO method is a typical method of deceiving search engines. The web page displayed by the search engine is a very serious content optimized, while the page views are completely common content. Webpage-optimized black hat SEO-webpage hijacking-Page jacking, which we often call, is to completely copy other people's website content or the entire website, and place the steal bar on your own website. This black hat SEO method is attractive to webmasters who are extremely lacking in webpage content. However, this practice is rather risky and even indecisive. The patented search engine technology determines from multiple factors that the copied webpage or website is not original, rather than indexed. Black hat seo pr hijacking, that is, using spoofing means to obtain a relatively high PR value display on the toolbar. The method is to use redirection. Generally, when processing 301 and 302 redirection, the search engine regards the target URL as the actually indexed URL. Although link buying is normal for buying advertisements on other websites, sometimes, if the ad link you buy is purely for improving the webpage level or to manipulate the search engine ranking, it will also be used as a cheating method. There is a vague line between how to distinguish between normal advertising and cheating methods. But the people who do this are very clear in their hearts. If your website is considered to be cheating by purchasing links, you cannot argue with search engines. Because the decision of the search engine is the final decision. Of course, what's more serious is that if your website is a website that sells links, your troubles will be even greater. Pay-as-you-go for SEO: No fees are charged for display, and no fees are charged for clicks. Only customers who receive calls are charged. it effectively solves the relationship between SEO and performance. however, this method is difficult to operate in reality. What Does SEO need to know?After learning about what SEO is, it may stimulate your interest in SEO. You will ask what to learn about SEO? In fact, SEO is not as powerful as you think. Simply put, you need to adjust the webpage to have a good "communication" with the search engine, so that the search engine can properly know Your webpage. If no search engine can find your website, let alone rankings. Because each search engine needs to find your website in a certain way, you need to follow certain rules on your webpage, otherwise, it would be like the old saying in China, "no chance to meet or not meet each other". The search engine's Guide to website administrators is a good guide to website construction. Of course, this is not enough. You need to master the following knowledge points. 1. You need to know how search engines capture webpages and how to index webpages, what are the differences between different search engines? How does a search robot (SE robot or web crawler) work and how does a search engine sort search results. 2. Meta tag optimization includes the subject, Description, and key words ). There are also some other hidden texts such as Author, Category, and Language. 3. keywords are required when selecting keywords and placing them on the webpage. Keyword analysis and selection are one of the most important tasks of SEO. First, determine the main keywords for the website (generally in five upper and lower cases), and then optimize these keywords, including the keyword Density (Density), relevance (Relavancy), and Prominency) and so on. 4. Understand the major search engines. Although there are many search engines, there are only a few that determine the website traffic. For example, Google, Inktomi, and Altavista are mainly used in English; Baidu and Sohu are used in Chinese. Different search engines have different page crawling, indexing, and sorting rules. We also need to understand the relationship between various search portals and search engines. For example, Yahoo and AOL Web Search use Google's search technology, while MSN uses Looksmart and Open Directory technologies. 5. The main internet Directory Yahoo itself is not a search engine, but a large website Directory, and Open Directory is not. The main difference between them and the search engine is that the website content is collected differently. Directories are manually edited and mainly include the website homepage. The search engine automatically collects directories and captures a large number of content pages in addition to the homepage. 6. the pay-as-you-go search engine also needs to survive. As Internet businesses become increasingly mature, paid search engines are becoming increasingly popular. The most typical examples are Overture and Baidu, and of course Google's advertising project Google Adwords. More and more people are positioning commercial websites by clicking ads on the search engine. There is also a lot of knowledge about optimization and ranking. You have to learn to get the most clicks with the least advertising investment. 7. After you log on to the search engine website, do not lie there waiting for the guests to fall from the sky. The easiest way for others to find you is to submit the website to the search engine. If you are a commercial website, the main search engines and directories will require you to pay for indexing (for example, Yahoo costs $299), but the good news is (at least until now) google, the largest search engine, is still free of charge and dominates more than 60% of the search market. 8. Link Exchange and Link Popularity (Link Popularity) webpage content are linked to each other through hyper text, as are websites. In addition to search engines, people also surf through links between different websites every day "). The more links from other websites to your website, the more traffic you will get. More importantly, the more external links your website have, the more important the search engine considers it to be, thus giving you a higher ranking. 9. If tags are used properly, search engines prefer H1. The h1 tag is a key learning point of seo. According to resolution, the h1 tag-h6 tag can define the title. The h1 label defines the largest title. The h6 label defines the smallest title. With the rational use of the h tag, you can select an appropriate tag level to build the structure of the document. From the seo perspective, after SEO optimization, the code of the webpage is indispensable for the H1 tag, because the value of its use is no less than the title. That is to say, the search engine gives a higher weight to the text marked with h1 than other words (the title is the highest, followed by h1 ). The Title tag plays an important role in the website. The rational structure of the Title Tag not only highlights the subject of the webpage, but also helps improve the search engine ranking of the website, the following seo engineers analyze how to use the Title tag reasonably: 1. The Title tag of each page cannot be the same, and the tags of the home page and the topic page, list page, and content page cannot be the same, set the appropriate Title tag Based on the content provided on the webpage. 2. The Title tag settings should be related to the content. You can set the Title, keyword, and overview. III. The Title tag should be original and modified as much as possible. The content produced by the Title tag should not be used out of the box. Appropriate modifications should be made and some original factors should be added to help improve the indexing of Web search engines. 4. Do not set too many Title tags. Try to set them to less than 25 characters. The more concise the better. Just give an overview of the webpage subject content. 5. Set the keyword density in the Title tag to a maximum of three. Avoid accumulating and repeating keywords. The keyword density is too high, which may lead to search engine dislike. As a result, the search engine determines that the keyword is cheating, and the website will be downgraded. Website: germes-online. Com, no database, all transaction information is crawled by robots from a famous large B2B website, but the keywords rank first among all large B2B websites. Latest public SEO optimization FormulaSeo = export clock = export C1 + l2 + K3 + O4 1. A volume is an integral symbol, c = content, L = link, K = keywords, O = others. Seo is a long-term integration process for "time". Content is the core. 2. C1-rich content is the first element, the importance of arranging content in sequence based on originality, pseudo-originality, and reprinting satisfies the user experience. 3. The rationality and richness of L2-link is the second element, reasonable and effective internal links are equally important to a wide range of external links, and highly correlated pages with high prvalues in external links are particularly important. 4. K3-Keyword factors are the third-digit important factors, including: reasonable title, description, keywords, page keyword and related keyword density and rational layout 5, O4-other factors, such: the formula for domain name, website age, server, website architecture, layout, neighbors, URL, map, and so on is well written, and Seo optimization is briefly described, according to this formula, we have taken into account all the issues that need to be noticed in Seo optimization. We can find many valuable concepts. Interested friends can have a good taste, but the premise is that, you have to understand this formula. This formula is called an indefinite integral formula in mathematics. If you write this formula as a definite integral formula, the effect will be too good, but this In this case, Seo optimization is transparent. Currently, seoer seems to be very concerned about the spider experience. In fact, the user experience is also very important. I use the following formula to summarize: Seo = User Experience + spider experience. Even SEM can be used. Seo/SEM theorem: SEO/SEM = ue + Se; Glossary: search engine marketing (SEM ): is a new form of online marketing. What SEM does is to comprehensively and effectively use search engines for network marketing and promotion. SEM is the most cost-effective, with the minimum investment, the largest access volume from search engines, and business value. The SEM does not include bidding rankings, purchase keyword advertisements, and other payment methods. User Experience (UE): It is a kind of subjective psychological experience established when a user uses a product (service. In the early software design process, the user experience mainly came from the interaction between users and human-machine interfaces. The popular design process focuses on user-centered. What is the goal of user experience design? The most important thing is to make the product useful, which refers to the user's needs, followed by ease of use. Specifically, when SEO is optimized for a website, a good user experience means that the user can easily find the desired information on the website, and there are no obstacles that affect the user's browsing information, such as a pop-up window, advertisement and other useless information. Seo experience (SE): a search engine algorithm that evaluates websites and ranks websites well. How does an algorithm evaluate a website? A large number of high-quality external links, original articles, high-frequency updates, good website structure algorithms, user experience, and other algorithms matching the evaluation of the website. Proof: How does the user experience improve Seo rankings? First, a good user experience can improve the PV value product conversion rate of the website. The most important thing is to turn the traffic into a user, and the user's accumulated traffic increases over time. Assume that two websites A and B have the same parameters except the traffic. If the traffic of A is greater than that of B, the weight and ranking of A is better than that of B. That is, websites with good user experience have good weights and rankings. Problems in website SEO1. Over-optimized 2. penalized by search engines 3. The website was K 4. failed to achieve the expected results 5. Unstable rankings 6. One-sided optimization of the website and short board effect of SEO SEO SecurityThis is also a problem that many Webmasters can easily ignore in the SEO process. We recommend that you start with the following security policies. 1) Select a stable server or virtual host to ensure stable and smooth Website access. 2) perform comprehensive analysis on website programs, remove tedious code, and use simple DIV + CSS layout, eliminate vulnerability risks 3) Update the server system on a regular basis to maintain a secure and stable operating system to ensure the secure operation of the website 4) Complexity of the website background Administrator account and password 5) try not to use the default database path. 6) Update vulnerability patches frequently. For example, if you are a friend of the CMS website, contact the developer to update the patch. 7) follow the latest vulnerability programs officially released by Microsoft, only by promptly updating secure website spaces and operating platforms can we better serve search users and bring stable sources of customers. Security issues cannot be ignored. To give users a secure and stable website platform, of course, the biggest benefit to you Search engine optimization (SEO) TerminologyThe function of Link Popularity in the ranking of search engines has been widely recognized and valued. In fact, GOOGLE may include your website even if you have not submitted your website on GOOGLE but made a link to other websites. The search engine may also determine your website ranking based on your wide range of links. Internal Links between Internal pages of the website. External link: External link of the website, which generally refers to the link from other websites to the website. Backward Links or Incoming/Inbound Links reverse/import link: similar to "external link", which refers to the link from other websites to this website. Outgoing/Outbound Links export link: the link from this website to other websites. PageRank (PR) PageRank is a tool for Google to measure the importance of a webpage. The measured value ranges from 1 to 10, indicating the importance of a webpage. You can obtain the PageRank value of a webpage at any time on the Google toolbar. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Positioning: Search Engine Ranking: External files External file storage: place the javascript and css files in the js and css external files respectively. The advantage of this is to place important page content on the top of the page and reduce the file size. This helps Search Engines quickly and accurately capture important page content. Keyword Density: ROBOTS search ROBOT: Affiliate Marketing networking Marketing (some called membership Marketing and website alliances ): affiliate network marketing refers to an advertising system in which website A places advertisement buttons for website B and obtains rebates from the sales volume of website B. Some Advertisers use this method to obtain market information rather than cash sales. This method is widely used by new websites with relatively low marketing costs. Cost-Per-Click (CPC: the affiliated network marketing management system records the number of times that each guest clicks the text or image links (or Email links) of the seller's website on the affiliated member website, and the Merchant (Merchant) the advertising fee is charged based on the amount of money you click. Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) or Cost-Per-Acquisition, if you fill out and submit a form, the management system will generate a Lead record corresponding to the member, and the Merchant will pay the membership based on the number of boot records. Cost-Per-Sale (CPS for short) pay by sales: After the seller introduces only the link of the affiliated member, the seller produces the actual purchase behavior on the merchant's website (most of which are online payment) to pay for affiliated members, generally set a commission ratio (10% to 50% of sales ). Pay For Performance (Pay by effect): it is easy For sellers and affiliated members to Pay by effect. As the automated processes of websites become more and more complete, online payment systems become more and more mature. More and more affiliated network marketing systems use the method of pay by sales. This method is a zero-risk advertising Distribution Method for sellers, and sellers are willing to set a relatively high commission ratio, which makes the marketing system more and more popular. Open Directory Project (ODP) Directory Index: Full Text Search Engine: Search Index/Directory Index Search Engine: META Search Engine: Spider commonly known as "Spider ": indexer retrieval program: Free For All Links (FFA) Free Link List: Stop Words/Filter Words disabled Words/Filter Words: the meaning of the two is the same, it refers to words that are too frequently used and have no search value. When a search engine encounters these words, it usually filters them out. Therefore, to save space, avoid using such words as much as possible, especially when there is a strict limit on the number of words. Spam: Frame Sets Framework Structure: some search engines (such as FAST) do not support the framework structure, and their "Spider" programs cannot read such webpages. Image Maps Image block: when a "Spider" program encounters this structure, it is often confused. Therefore, do not set the Image Map Link whenever possible. Dynamic Pages Dynamic web Pages: web Pages created by connecting programs and databases. Any address contains "?" "&" (And other similar symbols) web pages will block the "Spider" program. Invisable/hidden text hiding text content: it is intended to increase the keyword relevance score through a webpage containing a large number of keywords without affecting the website's appearance, so as to improve the search engine ranking. Invisable/hidden links: You want to add invisible links to the target optimization page on other pages without affecting the website appearance, and improve the search engine ranking by increasing the link score. Misleading Words Misleading keywords: Use Misleading keywords irrelevant to the webpage in the webpage to attract visitors who query the subject to visit the website. This method seriously affects the relevance and objectivity of the results provided by the search engine, which is a deep headache for the search engine. Repeated Words repetitive keywords: this cheating technique is also known as "Keyword Stuffing )", it uses the search engine to pay close attention to the keywords in the webpage body and title to repeat the keywords unreasonably. Other similar practices include creating a large number of keywords in HTML meta-tags or using multiple keywords meta-tags to improve the relevance of keywords. This technology is easily noticed and punished by search engines. Keyword Stuffing Keyword Stack: Cloaked Page invisible Page: hides the content of a real website from any visitor or search engine to provide a non-real search engine-friendly content to improve the ranking. Deceptive redirects spoofing redirection: redirects the first page (landing page) accessed by the user to a page with completely different content. Shadow Domain ghost Domain: This is the most common fraudulent redirection technology, which allows users to access another website or page. Meta Refresh identifier: Doorway Page, also known as "Bridge/Portal/Jump/Entry Page ". It is a page specially designed for some keywords and designed for search engines to improve the ranking of specific keywords in search engines, and redirect to the real website of another domain name. Search engine Spiders often ignore searches for pages that are automatically redirected to other pages. Mirror Sites image site: by copying the content of a website or an ang page and allocating it to different domain names and servers, the search engine performs multiple indexing on the same site or page. Currently, most search engines provide an appropriate filtering system that can detect image sites. Once an image site is found, the source site and Image site will be deleted from the index database. Link Spamming cheating link/malicious Link: Link farms Link Factory: Bulk link Exchange Programs Bulk Link Interchange Program: Cross Link crosslink: Doorway Domain: A domain name designed to improve the ranking of a specific keyword in a search engine, and then redirected to the homepage of other domain names. Because search engines generally ignore the retrieval of pages that are automatically redirected to other pages, this technology is not recommended. SEO advantagesLong effectiveness: it can be used for a long time with professional SEO maintenance, one year, two years, or even forever. Good results: the website traffic increases, and the number of registered users increases. These can be precisely quantified. Unlike advertisements, it is difficult to accurately evaluate the effect. Cost effectiveness: it is much cheaper than bidding rankings and advertising. The cost of spot price rankings or online advertising is now getting higher and higher, and SEO has an absolute advantage over. User Experience: enhances website friendliness and brand reputation. 6 major steps for Seo project implementation• Basic Condition Analysis • keyword analysis • website internal optimization implementation • website external link construction • ranking result tracking and traffic analysis • return to the first step based on ranking results, adjustments • Maintain keyword rankings or train customer employees for maintenance Seo skillsI. Keyword processing density: for example, several valuable duplicate keywords may appear in an article. II. META tag Design Method: Generally, 3-5 tag keywords are designed. General tags keywords include: keywords: Real Estate, property law, and contract in this article. Cold term: real estate. Density keywords: Property Right behavior. His goal is not only to increase the density of content, but also to work on tags. 3. Select 1. The title of the same article should be different. 2. Innovative titles are required. In the new Baidu automatic collection system, titles that have basically not appeared in his articles are easily collected automatically and will be collected repeatedly. The article title must be innovative. Use eye-catching expressions. 3. others are mainly technical considerations 4. Hot term selection (select the best keyword) 1. high-price hot term selection (this technology is generally available) 2. baidu top word index selection 5. content requirements 1. hope originality 2. add this website or other 3. the name principle (as mentioned yesterday) is an expert. The celebrity name should be connected as much as possible. increase the hyperconnections of key buzzwords 5. the image must have a description (simple) 6. highlight the topic. You can use a large title (bold or font changing). 7. carefully complete the content of the first and last sections of the article (use hot words as much as possible) 6. How to Prevent search engines from believing they are cheating 1. do not intentionally add keywords irrelevant to the webpage content. prohibit unauthorized redirection in the hyperconnections designed by the editors. 3. prohibit illegal content in the Title 4. Prohibit the absence of content in the title. (Excluding images) 5. Do not use too many keyword tags Seo implementation process• EDIT: Write an article that complies with [1] • Program: Write a CMS that complies with the SEF • artist: Make a front-end page that complies with the SEF • Promotion: Build efficient external links • SEOer complements each other, common progress
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