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1, domain name and server selection. Does the domain name affect the optimization of the website? The answer is yes, if a domain name in itself contains your site to optimize the product, such as a site suitable for May days related, and your domain name includes Wuyutian or mayday such words, then your site has a certain advantage inherent; Next is the choice of the server, just imagine, if a website in the completion, all the optimization work has been very successful, but the server is extremely unstable, Zooey can not access, then imagine, so that your site's weight will be high?

2, 404 page production and upload, on the surface, 404 page seems to be a very insignificant small detail, but he does improve your user experience a very important link, he can be in the user's wrong address or site problems when the User a good guide, This will greatly increase the satisfaction of your site's user experience. At the same time will greatly reduce the bounce rate of your site!

3, robots.txt file writing, appropriate shielding part of the repeated nature of the Web page content or similar to a very high content of the site, at the same time can also screen the server to store those video files and picture files, because the search engine crawler crawling these files when basically no good impact on the site, but also greatly affect the speed of the site's operation !

4, the reasonable use of anchor text. This can be said to be the most important part of the whole search engine process, the use of internal anchor text can let your site form a very rigorous overall, like a huge net, at the same time, he can also guide search engine crawler can be unimpeded crawling every corner of your site; and the application of external anchor text is equivalent to the site to do outside the chain, I believe we also know the importance of the Chinese-foreign chain in the site optimization.

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