Seo optimizer with a monthly income of tens of thousands: share my experiences in private orders over the past few years

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A Liang is an optimizer with 10 years of Seo experience. He stepped into the industry in 2004 and resigned in 2013 and made his own private order optimization, from the beginning of the good income to the following struggling, in through the cloud customer network to receive a ticket, now more than yuan in the month, the following will share the masters of this bitter and bitter experience.


My name is aliang. I am an SEO optimizer. I entered the SEO industry in 2004. I should say that I am an earlier Seo engineer in China. But IRelatively introvertedNot good at communicationSo there are not many people.

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Some people say that you have entered the SEO line so early, and you are in the same group. Now, you are home or in a new business. Why are you still doing this Seo? You can only say that you are not sure about the time.

Well, this is an external question. Let's talk about my experiences.

In 2004, a person came to Hangzhou to find a job.

At that time, I only knew about websites and online songs on the Internet. At that time, there were very few videos. Coincidentally, the interview entered a large website. At that time, Alexa ranked less than 1000 in China, with a daily traffic of more than 2 million IP addresses. A channel serving as the channel owner is actually Seo optimization, the technology entered the door at that time. At that time, the momentum was strong. after entering the company for half a year, the traffic rose very fast. I got the first prize in the company's Seo technology competition quarter.

In 2006, the pressure on individuals to get married and buy a house suddenly increased,

I had to switch to another XX Company in Hangzhou, mainly focusing on Seo optimization and optimizing the enterprise site. At that time, I was in charge of more than 60 enterprise websites, focusing on annual subscription optimization, mainly Baidu and Google. At that time, Google was still very effective. The optimization technology has not changed much, mainly in links and sites. This way until the end of 2012, the position has also been from ordinary SEO to Seo supervision.

Because I am an introverted person, my thoughts are not so active, and I have always been very loyal to the company and never accept private orders, during this period, many customers asked me to accept their private orders and I refused to do so. In fact, as long as it is a little more flexible, it is not the current look.

Transfer at the end of 2012

Coincidentally, one of my colleagues in Yiwu asked me if I would like to help his friend's company website with a Seo private ticket. The cost was relatively high (+/year), and I was so worried, although my salary was okay at that time, I still felt at least 8 K, but I was still excited. This is basically because I have a half-year salary, and it is just a Seo optimization job for a website. It is easy for me, and soon because there are many resources on hand, in the next two months, the ranking is basically complete.

By March 2013

This customer introduced me to his friend's website and asked me to do it again. It was more than RMB/year. At this time, I was excited, I feel that this money is much easier to earn than I do in the company. I pay more than my salary if I pick up a few orders in a year. In the company, I have to take charge of about 80 websites, I only need to take charge of a few orders out, which is far higher than my salary, and it doesn't have to be 8 to 5 in the morning, so my mind is getting hot, I decided to resign to the Soho family to receive a private ticket (some friends don't want to learn me, I want to know when I resign ).

After I resigned, I also learned some website technologies and received some private tickets for Building websites to maintain my livelihood. At that time, I started people around me (however, customers of the company had never contacted me before, in this regard, we still can't touch the morality.) We also took some orders and made some money in the past. It was easier to live and there was no pressure on ourselves. By the beginning of 2014, the tragedy came. I thought that the stable and stable customers had no problem. Due to the poor market environment, their company's business was not good. So we don't need to continue. The remaining few small customers do not have much money. All of a sudden, I got into a crisis and got nervous. I wanted to find more channels to pick up some private orders.

Pig Bajie was the No. 1 Weike platform in China after all. There should be a lot of lists, but the bigger the hope is, the bigger the disappointment is. This sentence has been fulfilled on me. The amount of the above list is very low, several hundred yuan, and is a one-time business, the high price requirement is also very high.

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(Pig List)

Later, I also picked up some orders in some forums and groups, but the list was relatively small, but the price was good. I earned about 5000 or 6000 yuan a month.

Transfer to march

I wanted to find a company to go to work and get a fixed salary. I went to Beijing to participate in the fourth Chinese Seo ranking.

After hearing about my experience, a friend introduced me to Alibaba Cloud ( to answer the list (PS: word-of-mouth communication is the best. If I am not on site, I am still receiving a ticket from pig ). He just picked it up on his own and earned about 7 k a month. He said it was much easier to pull customers like pig, QQ group, and Forum, so he didn't have to worry about having no list, I am only worried about whether I can make the ranking. I was so glad that I had never heard of such websites before.

Then I went back and forth to Hangzhou. After two days, I remembered it again. Then Baidu searched for the cloud customer network and found the website.

On his homepage, I read a lot of order-receiving optimizers. I also learned about their operation models and found that the Commission payment of cloud customers is different from that of my previous orders, each keyword has different prices on the 1st and 2nd pages of the search engine. You only need to optimize the keyword to the first two pages of the search engine to get the commission.

It is better than the yearly subscription I received before, and I feel pretty good if I can earn less on the 2nd page, but it is better than nothing.

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(Cloud Customer Network Homepage)

In addition, their Seo optimizer members are divided into different levels, namely, diamond optimizer, platinum optimizer, and gold optimizer. The commission is also different, And the promotion conditions are clear. After careful calculation, I only need to pick up more than 20 sites. Each site has 5 keywords and there are 100 words. I ranked the last half and 50 in the ranking, one day income may also have several hundred yuan, monthly income easily broke through ten thousand yuan, MS is not bad look ah.

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(My List)

After calculating the income and analyzing various types of data, I immediately decided not to rush to work for the company. I 'd like to try it out on the cloud customer network and try it for three months to see if there is any improvement. In addition, the website was introduced by a friend. It seems that my friend is also playing well on it, so it should not be a fraudulent website. So I registered an account and received the order after real-name authentication. Because it is a new account, only 10 orders can be received.

So I justGrabbed 10 orders at a timeAmong the 10 orders (at that time, there were not many users on the cloud client network and it was easy to grab tickets), some words were still difficult (such as renting a car in Hangzhou and ), however, some of them are simple words without an index, which accounts for about 10% of popular words.

During the list optimization process, their customer service staff kept in touch with me at any time. Because the website is a customer, there are restrictions on some sites, such as intra-site adjustment, but in general, it is good. Seo optimization for the enterprise site is still very good for me, and I have a wealth of experience. In this way, some words have been ranked in the industry for over ten days, at the end of the first month, I got about 90 yuan of Commission every day, so I finally got about May yuan in 1800 (because it was the first month, at the beginning, there were no keywords with rankings. Later, the ranking Commission was gradually generated ).

In June, the revenue was about 4 K, but less than 5 K.

Later, I made some new orders. Up to now, my account has 35 websites and about 200 keywords. The details about income are unknown. About 300 yuan a day.

Since my performance is good and my income is acceptable, they later contacted me and said that it was also for the purpose of promoting the website. yunke launched a reward program to introduce the benefits of going offline and getting commissions. It is a pity that only 8% of the Commission for the first six months of the optimizer can be obtained.

So I repeatedly introduced several friends. Many of my friends once heard that my income was exactly the same as what I did, and they didn't believe it. But it's pretty good now ~!

This is basically the end of writing, and now it is easier to feel self-help than to pick up a list,Currently, there are many WITKEY platforms. You can select a suitable platform to receive tickets..

If you want to ask me the authenticity, I can only say one sentence: Do not hesitate in life, I suffered this loss at the beginning. However, I still advise my friends who want to join the Soho community:I suggest you do not resign, because many websites on the Internet can take part-time tickets to make full use of your spare time and resources. I believe there will be an extra reward.

Thank you for sharing your personal experience. QQ: 2302420 ("songsong"), No.: zjqzzxl.


Seo optimizer with a monthly income of tens of thousands: share my experiences in private orders over the past few years

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