Seo is not a simple task.

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I usually oppose the obfuscation of seo, which is too technical, but it does not mean that seo is simple.
It may also be understandable. Technically, seo is very simple. However, the problems that many sites encounter are not technical problems.
When I was in Nanjing SEO, evazhang and I kept saying that seo is not a simple task.
I gave them an analysis of the optimization of China's Jiangsu Tourism channel on the spot. I told them that the problem was not static, title, description, or keyword. These seem to be okay.
In particular, the seo of some large sites, from the seo technologies we often say, has a slight diagnostic effect (unless the site is really unfriendly to search engines ). It is necessary to help customers think about site content arrangement and organization from the perspectives of Target customers' search habits, site content, editing training, and site content strategy.
For example, if we want to optimize Sina or 163, do you want to talk about static, title, description, framework, and JS ??
For example, some customized product sites, such as and, are popular recently. It helps users customize various personalized products.
It is difficult for such sites to obtain a daily search traffic that reaches tens of thousands of ip addresses from seo technology in a narrow sense. On the basis of current websites, it is not obvious how to optimize search engine friendliness (SEF) or SEO.
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