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SEO optimization, change the server on the site to the impact of how big it is, the following we look at a webmaster analysis of the Web site on the impact of the change, he is from Baidu, to Google to analyze the change of IP to their two what impact it.

My site has more content, in addition to my own writing content, but also a long time from the local new Web site reprinted some news to emphasize local characteristics. Therefore, in the news collection has always been good. However, the news reproduced is not original, so the collection is not particularly high. I reprint these news because I can let Baidu and Google and other search engines to realize that my site is constantly updated content. That's all.

Google ranked unchanged, PR down to 0

My site is a local site to build such a site, so in terms of traffic and other aspects are a small pursuit of such a site. So PR for 3 is understandable. After changing the server, do not know which day, Google's PR value dropped to 0, and the rankings did not find any changes.

For PR down to 0, caused a lot of inconvenience, because many people will think your site is down the right, so do not want to exchange links with you and so on. However, it does not matter that my site has been very good rankings, so did not care about the PR value. I believe that there are a lot of people who are proficient in SEO is not too will pay attention to the so-called PR value. This is only a response to the site, for the rankings, but not too much impact.

However, I am surprised that, after the replacement server, my site's collection in Google and Baidu have doubled, which Baidu first doubled, and Google followed. It amazes me.

This series of strange things about replacing a server may be a case in point, but it can be seen from there. Summed up is quite difficult, but my summary or, if not necessary, or not easy to replace the server's IP as well. Maybe there's something that's going to make everyone have a headache.

As for why the PR will be reduced to 0, I analyzed the results of the server replacement, but peers are not too recognized that the replacement server IP will not lead to PR is dropped. In fact, my other invalid domain name often replaced the IP, and the PR value has been 3, there is no change. Therefore, I have been uncertain about whether to replace the server IP.

However, the day before yesterday I changed back to the original server, the miracle appeared! PR value of the site back to 3! This again affirms the result of the replacement server.

Baidu and Google included a sharp increase in the volume.


1, Baidu on the replacement of the server and not much change in the structure of the site does not occur any changes in the case of the replacement server will only lead to the core keywords ranked 11, but also only lasted one day. Therefore, if the need to change the server, the impact on Baidu is small. However, it is not easy to replace the server.

2, Baidu itself also has the core keywords and long tail keyword difference. The so-called core keywords is your site home page title keywords and other emphasis on the keywords and your entire site each page emphasis on the key words. And the core keyword adjustment frequency will be very high, and long tail keyword in Baidu's update and the change in the rankings are not very big.

Knot analysis do not know what you get agreed oh.

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