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1. Website storage space (server)

This can be said to be the root of a website. If your root is not good, how can you grow seedlings? How can you grow into a big tree? How can we judge this? I remember that when I was helping others build websites, I would buy some cheaper space. The results were about half a year ago when the website could not be opened, and then I went to these space service providers, they have long been unaware of which corner they want to escape. Generally, the more websites they store in cheaper space, the unreliable speed and stability, it is also difficult for a search engine to include our sites. Of course, we are mainly concerned with the economy.

Another point is that if there are too many websites, it is easy to see a situation. Once a website is cheated, many websites may be unlucky, therefore, if you want to buy a space, try to select a guaranteed space provider.

For larger websites, you can purchase servers or directly rent an independent server. This ensures both speed and stability. Of course, this is also related to hardware, therefore, a stable server is also very important for websites. The geographical location of the server also directly affects the ranking. Big cities and small cities have different conditions and equipment, which is also the cause of the impact on the normal indexing of websites by search engines.

2. Website link structure

I remember that when I was not in touch with SEO, I didn't even think about how to build a better structure. I only wanted to make beautiful and beautiful websites. People who have done SEO know that, this link structure directly affects the indexing of websites. We can look at those portal websites. Their link structure planning can be said to be quite good, therefore, when building a website, we should establish such a station from the SEO perspective, and plan a better link structure, which will help our station to get a better ranking.

3. Webpage title and META tag

The title of a page represents the topic of the website. If your topic is not good enough, it is doomed that your website will not have a better ranking, I remember that there was such a sentence in the marketing course that the TITLE was worth millions. Indeed, there was a class in the SEO course specifically designed to address the TITLE. This TITLE was really exquisite, this directly affects the ranking of your website.

In addition, it is the META tag. Many people will say that this has no effect on rankings. In fact, it cannot be said that it has no effect, but the search engine is not very interested in it now, however, if your design is poor, the ranking will also be affected. Therefore, you must design this step carefully.

IV. Keyword density and location

The search engine determines the density of your keywords, which is generally kept at 3 ~ It will be better between 8%, especially for the new station. If it is too dense, the search engine will think that you are cheating or keyword accumulation, which is unfavorable for ranking, the other is the keyword location, which is quite well studied. The habit of search engines is from top to bottom, from left to right, what do I first see when I log on to your website? We need to know this. In general, the keyword that the search engine first sees is probably the keyword you want to optimize, so we need to use these features for optimization.

V. Website content

This can be said to be an old saying. The search engine is a new and tired guy. If you always give them something to eat every day, they will not like it, therefore, we need to constantly make new things for them to eat. At least the old things should be picked up with spices or something, that is, what we often say is better to be original content, if you can't do originality, at least pseudo-originality is required. If you can't do this, you need to be behind others, because search engines are constantly providing updated data to searchers!

6. Anti-Link construction

Anti-link: we can say that the relationship between the station and the station is equivalent to the relationship between people. If many people know you, you must be a celebrity, your value is naturally self-evident. If you return to the topic, if you have many anti-links, your site ranking will certainly be good, in fact, a large part of SEO is the process of building external links. If your external links are good enough, even if you are not doing well in other aspects, your ranking will also be very good!

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