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Every webmaster are talking about SEO every day, some stationmaster may also try to learn how to use SEO to optimize the website, then the real SEO operation key point is what? How to optimize the site? may be a lot of webmasters have not clearly said or how to do optimization, if we can not clear SEO operation points, How do I talk about optimizing the website? Even in the optimization of the site will still go a lot of detours, maybe, some webmaster hard to use SEO to optimization of a small index of the long tail keyword is difficult to have rankings, I take this opportunity to the webmaster to organize a bit about the "SEO five main points of operation", after learning these 5 major operating points, I believe you in the optimization of the site can be said to be handy, your keywords will soon be in Baidu, Google rankings.

1, page title description

First of all, you should clearly understand the webmaster: SEO optimization is the Web page rather than the site, then, we first want to optimize the site is the homepage. And the title of the homepage in search engines and rankings have a very heavy relevance, we write a title description must contain your keywords, so that the search engine search to your title description, so that your title to make a ranking. such as: I am now helping a friend of the site to do optimization, site name: Stuffed Edge Net, then, the normal title should be so written: Make friends dating online dating dating and other similar title description, but this is not conducive to our doing optimization, In order to make users more aware of our site, you can write this: ★ Make friends Dating online dating friends ★, so write the title of the advantage is in the same ranking environment you can increase the flow of one or more, because, such a title in Baidu search results are more eye-catching, will be very attractive to users to click, we all know , in such an environment, users click More natural conducive to ranking promotion.

2, keyword density

A website to optimize the keyword, in the home must occupy a certain density, of course, this density to how much is appropriate? This data you can go to the major webmaster network to refer to this kind of data: 2%≦ density ≦8%, keyword density is too small to optimize, it is difficult to optimize rankings up, but, Keyword density is too large will lead to search engines that we are cheating, this must be caused attention. We can look at: stuffed edge nets, such as: Make friends online dating friends and marriage dating These keywords density as a reference, the good operation.

3, update the driving device

A website that needs to be dynamic, Baidu Google's search engine is the same, they are very like those dynamic sites, like those in the constantly updated site, if the spider every time to find our site are constantly updated, then, spiders are very like our website, Each time they come to collect some things back to work, so that Baidu Google will give us the weight of the site is slowly increasing, so that we want to optimize the keyword also slowly forward ranking. So, how do we go about completing this "update drive"? This is very simple such as: Your site is the forum class, you do a "Today" number is a "update drive", you can do a "current online number" is also a good "update drive." At the same time, we can do a very diverse "update Drive", which is more conducive to the renewal of the site, spiders are very like our website, such as: stuffed edge nets, the "update Drive" type has "online stuffed edge" and "current number of online."

4. Original Articles

This is not much said, you webmaster know the importance of original article, but, how many pieces of original article in a day? This may be difficult to answer, generally speaking, one or two pieces a day is enough, there is also a very heavy is the time problem, we have to do a regular daily ration is good, for example, We update 2 original articles every day at 10. Then, we insist on 10 update every day 2 original articles on it, do not appear before we are every day is 10 to update 2 original articles, and today 12 only updated 2 original articles, spiders have to our website has developed a habit, Every time it is 10 o'clock to collect things to go back, and now 10 o'clock came to our website, nothing has been collected, it will be on our site to create a skeptical attitude towards our site, which is very detrimental to our optimization site.

5. Reverse Link

This point we have to understand that the more outside the chain of our site is more conducive to our website optimization, but also very conducive to the promotion of the weight of our site, as to how to increase the external chain of our site? My personal experience on the A5 website has been written about how to get effective high quality outside of the chain. You can go and see how to get effective quality outside the chain.

Well, said so detailed, as long as everyone in accordance with the "SEO five main points of operation" to do site optimization, I believe that soon your keyword will also be in Baidu Google has a good ranking.

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