SEO strategy of the Branch fork: The site needs white hat seo or Black hat seo

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The seoer who have had some experience are clear, SEO can be divided into two kinds of strategy: white Hat and black hat, these two different strategies to use the ratio is probably 6:4, that is to say, most seoer or will be more fond of white hat seo, because they think that Black hat seo is by cheating means to get ranked, Do not have any technical value, not worthy of everyone to respect. But I think, black hat seo and white hat seo is not good or bad points.

Black Hat seo is actually a kind of SEO strategy, but also worthy of our respect, but the Black Hat SEO strategy is relatively less easy to accept it. In fact, regardless of the choice of white hat and black hat have their own truth, white hat seo is to value long-term, black hat SEO is to value short-term, they are only different direction, so we should choose the two strategies according to their own situation.


Then how should we know their website need white hat seo or black hat seo?

Think about one: do you have enough capital to take risks?

We all know that the choice of Black hat SEO will have a certain risk, although I think the Black Hat seo is formal, but Baidu has always been opposed to black hat seo, so the use of Black hat SEO or there will be a certain risk. This time we are going to ask ourselves a question: if punished, can I take the risk? Therefore, if you decide to choose a black hat, then you must create a certain amount of risk capital for yourself, to prepare for the worst, and all kinds of bad situation of the countermeasures, and then to implement black hat means, If you can't do it, choose the white Hat.

Think of two: can you create value for your site?

Now we are in the seo3.0 era, that is, the user experience for the king of the era, user experience than all the rankings are important, which requires us to improve the ranking of the site while also taking care of the user's feelings, so that users love your site. A lot of seoer think, white hat seo can create value for the website, because white hat seo method is formal, can improve the user experience, but when you see the following article, you will also think that white hat seo can create value?


The attentive friend may easily be able to see, this article is a typical simple pseudo original, the readability is very poor, the user experience is also very disadvantageous. False original also belongs to the category of white hat seo, but why not create value? Similarly, the choice of Black hat SEO is not necessarily will hurt the user experience, so, regardless of the choice of Black hat or white hat, the premise is to build on the site can create value conditions, otherwise everything is nonsense.

Think three: Do you care about the immediate interests or the long-term income

The author also mentioned at the beginning of the article, the choice of white hat is to value long-term income, the choice of Black hat is to value the immediate interests, the two are not good or bad points. Give a simple example to illustrate, if you are a cotton-padded shopping mall site, if you start using white hat seo to optimize, but because the competition is very intense, you have to spend a few months to optimize to the home page. Finally to the home page, but found that the winter has passed, your site has reached the home page, but no one to buy a cotton-padded jacket, which is very sad. So this time we have to fancy short-term benefits, reasonable use of black hat SEO to quickly upgrade rankings, this is the wise choice.

Of course, if your product life cycle is heavier, suitable for all seasons, then it is recommended that you take white hat seo, so as to have a stable income, your site can become more stable.

Written in the end: White hat and black hat collocation also may not be

Let everyone in the choice of Black hat and white hat before thinking about three questions, I believe we also know how to choose black Hat and white hat seo, but the author here with a novel view: White Hat seo and black hat seo use at the same time, with each other. Many seoer use the white hat technique, does the content diligently, do outside the chain, but often on the second page, this time we can use black hat techniques to simulate clicks, let the site quickly into the home page and then reuse white hat technique to optimize, the effect of this creation is actually good, but still need to warn you, Everything to the user experience, as long as you start to pay attention to the user experience, whether it is a white hat or black hat method, you can get the user's love and loyalty.

Well, said so much, the author's point of view I believe that we have understood, but also hope that after you do not have to black hat SEO bias, after all, any kind of material existence will have its reasonable reasons, as long as you use properly, its power can be played out! This article is a special appointment for Xuanwu Hospital registered http:// feeds, hope to reprint a friend plus a link, thank you for your support!

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