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Lie (1)Lie (2)Lie (3)Lie (4)Lie (5)

Lie (6)Lie (7)Lie (conclusion)

Complaint (1)Complaint (2)Complaint (3)Complaint (4)Complaints (5)

Complaints (conclusion)

Lack of literacy (1) Lack of literacy (2) Lack of literacy (3) Lack of literacy (4)



Gao fangxuan said: "As a result, he has exposed several problems. First, he has poor English skills. Second, he is smart. He hopes to prove that he is a diligent and experienced young man, highlight his growth, and talk about his shortcomings, it becomes an opportunity to prove your advantages and give yourself extra points. However, you have to check whether this is consistent with the facts! This clever move just exposes the shortcomings I did not notice. Third, this shows that he is dishonest and does not have an honest interview. What worries me most is that he does not face himself honestly ."

Zhao shiwen asked: "He has exposed his shortcomings by his own cleverness. You have killed him. I can understand it. What do you mean when you say that he is not honest with himself ?" Gao fangxuan replied: "Does he know his English skills? Does he know his status clearly and how to make progress? If he is not honest with himself, his growth will be very low. This is totally not in line with the company's requirements !"

Tip-how to answer questions similar to "disadvantages"

Recruiters often ask questions in this story: "Do you think you have any shortcomings? Can you give me a failure case ?"

In addition to the ability of the applicant to understand himself, the question is to check whether the applicant is honest.

Li zipping is very smart. He hopes to use his failed examples to demonstrate his constantly demanding and improving characteristics, so as to impress the recruiters. He chose English because he thought that his subsequent job would not use English, so he would not be able to tell a lie. However, he made two mistakes.

First, he underestimated our hiring manager. Isn't the ability to be tested in a very short time?

Secondly, he is too irresponsible to himself. If he was lucky enough to get into the company in this interview, he would have suffered a major setback in his career if he had to work in English and could not be competent to bring losses to the company.

From the perspective of the interview process alone, because of his own cleverness, he has exposed the shortcomings that have not been noticed. In addition, the dishonesty he shows in the process of being smart has become the biggest reason for him to be killed.

Share an interesting story.

When asked about the biggest advantage of a newly graduated girl interviewing a manager assistant from a company's business line, the girl did not hesitate to say, "Do things carefully ." The manager nodded with satisfaction and asked, "What are the disadvantages ?" The girl smiled and replied, "too careful, too serious !" The manager smiled and left it alone. She finally passed the interview.

For the "manager assistant" position, "being careful" is a very important advantage and addition item, while "being too careful and careful" is a so-called shortcoming, it is not important and cannot be tested in a short time. However, it turns out that she did not lie in a clever answer. One year later, she chose to leave her job because she was obsessed with her feelings with her colleagues in the company. However, she was being valued by the company's leaders to prepare for improvement. She is indeed "too careful and too serious ". After the incident, people who remembered the interview said that the child was honest. (To be continued)


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