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The first section Serv-u installation and basic settings

First, installation

Expand the compressed file "", perform the "setup.exe" in it, start the installation, and select all the default options. After the installation is complete without restarting, you can see the relevant files directly in the start → program →serv-u FTP Server. The following figure:

Second, the establishment of the first available FTP server

1, for example, the local IP address is "", has established a good domain name "" related DNS records.

2, open the Serv-u manager. The "Serv-u Administrator" on the diagram shows the "Setup Wizard" (Setup Wizard). This wizard can help you complete the basic settings easily because it is recommended to use. Select "Next" directly (next). The following figure:

3, follow the steps below to follow the installation wizard:

⑴ip address (IP): Enter "". (This entry is empty if a dynamic or no legal IP address is used.) )

⑵domain name (domain name): enter "".

⑶install as System server (installed as a system): Select Yes.

⑷allow Anonymous access (accept anonymous logins): Here you can choose according to your own needs, such as "Yes".

⑸anonymous Home Directory (anonymous home directory): Here you can enter (or select) a master directory for anonymous users to log on to.

⑹lock anonymous users in to their home directory (lock the user in the primary directory you just selected): That is, whether the home directory of the step is set to the user's root directory, and "Yes" is generally selected.

⑺create named account (set up other accounts): Here ask if you want to establish a common login user account, generally choose "Yes".

⑻account Login name (user login name): Ordinary user account name, such as input "Nanshan".

⑼password (password): Set user password. Because the password you entered is displayed in clear text (instead of *), you lose only one time.

⑽home directory (home directory): Enter (or select) the home directory for this user.

⑾lock anonymous users in to their home directory (lock users in the main directory): "Yes".

⑿account Admin Privilege (account management privileges): Generally use its default value "No privilege" (Ordinary account).

⒀ finishes the setup with the final selection of finish (end). The following figure:

4, from the above can be seen, now has established an FTP server, the server address is "", under which there are two users, an anonymous user "Anonymous", the password is empty; one is the ordinary user "Nanshan", The password is what you entered in the wizard.

5, the basic authority. For example, in the left panel select the "Nanshan" user, then in the right panel, the following figure appears in the Settings window. Select "Dir Access" (Directory access permissions), you can set whether this user has read, write (write), Append (write and add), delete (delete), execute (Execute) on the file in its home directory (that is, "Path") Whether the directory has a list of "list" (Display files and directories), "Create" (Create a new directory) and "Remove" (Modify the directory, including delete, move, rename), and "Inherit" (whether the above permissions include the tree below it) and so on.

Third, use this FTP server

1, DOS under the login format. such as "FTP".

2, login format in the browser. such as "".

3, the FTP client application software settings. For example, in CuteFTP, the following figure:

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