Server abnormal power outage, resulting in inconsistent Oracle control file version, error ora-00214 resolution record

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  Control File Description:

Each Oracle generates at least one control file, and one database can have multiple control files, but a control file can belong to only one database.

In addition to the database name and its creation date, data files, log files and other related information inside the control file, the system change number, checkpoint information and the current status of the archive are stored during the system operation.

For security reasons, the database automatically creates 2 to 3 control files, each of which records the same information, which ensures that one control file is corrupted while the database is running, that Oracle automatically uses another control file, and that the database will not work when all control files are corrupted.

This problem occurs: server abnormal power outage, after startup, Oracle can not connect, using Plsql connection error ora12514 monitoring problems, further check found that the control file inconsistencies, resulting in the database can not start.

Steps to resolve:

CMD form to run the following statement

1. Using Nolog mode, DBA Login


Sqlplus/as SYSDBA

2. Close the database First

Shutdown immediate

3. Login using Nomount mode

Startup Nomount

4. Copy one of the control files to another place, complete the replacement

Host Copy D:\app\Administrator\oradata\orcl\control01.ctl D:\app\Administrator\flash_recovery_area\orcl\ Control02.ctl

5. Manual boot to mount mode


6. Manual Boot to open mode


Note: The key to this problem is figuring out the difference between the different startup modes of the database.

Start the database directly using the startup command, and the database will automatically open the database in sequential Nomount,mount,open mode, which will generate a new control file.

Because the server abnormal power outage, the original control files are inconsistent, so it will cause the database can not be started

So start in Nomount mode: Only the instance is created, the database is not loaded, no data files are opened, and then the host Copy command is used to copy one of the control files to another control file.

Again boot to Mount,open mode, problem solved.

November 8, 2017 17:16:01

Server abnormal power outage, resulting in inconsistent Oracle control file version, error ora-00214 resolution record

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