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How to obtain all Session variables?
During program debugging, you sometimes need to know how many Session variables are in use and what are their values? Since the Session object provides a Collection called Contents, we can achieve the goal through the For... Each loop:
Dim strName, iLoop
For Each strName in Session. Contents
Response. Write strName & "-" & Session. Contents (strName) & "<BR>"
In general, the above code can work well. However, when the Session variable is an object or array, the printed result is incorrect.
The code is modified as follows:
''First, how many Session variables are used?
Response. Write "There are" & Session. Contents. Count &_
"Session variables <P>"
Dim strName, iLoop
''Use the For Each loop to view Session. Contents
''If the Session variable is an array?
If IsArray (Session (strName) then
''Print every element of the array cyclically
For iLoop = LBound (Session (strName) to UBound (Session (strName ))
Response. Write strName & "(" & iLoop &")-"&_
Session (strName) (iLoop) & "<BR>"
''In other cases, the variable value is simply printed.
Response. Write strName & "-" & Session. Contents (strName) & "<BR>"
End If
Session variables sometimes cannot work. Why?
There are many possibilities:
First, if the client does not allow cookie operations, the session will become invalid. Because session is dependent on cookies.
Second, the session has an expiration time. The default value is 20 minutes. You can modify it like this: Web directory-> Properties-> Virtual directory-> Application settings-> Configuration-> App Options-> Session timeout
Or write the following code in ASP: Session. timeout = 60.
Third, the session is related to the specific Web Application. If you browse/jobs/default. asp from/products/default. asp, the session may be created again.
How to clear a session variable that is no longer needed but does not make the session invalid?
In ASP3.0:
Session. Contents. Remove "variable name"
You can clear a variable.
In ASP2.0:
Set session ("variable name") = NULL
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