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Unlike asp, in, to completely separate code, we generally do not use the <% = %> embedded tag to set some attributes and content.
Generally, there are two situations:
(1) set the tag content, for example, <title> here </title>
(2) set the tag attributes, for example, <body bgcolor = here>
(3) dynamically load some scripts
Let's take a look at (1) and (2 ):
<Title id = "mytitle" runat = "server"> </title>
<Body id = "mybody" runat = "server">
Protected HtmlGenericControl mytitle;
Protected HtmlGenericControl mybody;
This. mytitle. InnerText = "test ";
This. mybody. Attributes ["bgcolor"] = "# cccccc ";
Three points are described here:
(1) front-end label runat = server is required
(2) the namespace of HtmlGenericControl is System. Web. UI. HtmlControls.
(3). InnerText and. InnerHtml are different.
For example:
<Span runat = "server" id = "myspan"> </span>
This. myspan. InnerText = "<B> test </B>"
The result is:
<Span id = "myspan"> & lt; B & gt; test & lt;/B & gt; </span>
Change background
This. myspan. InnerHtml = "<B> test </B>"
The result is:
<Span id = "myspan"> <B> test </B> </span>
Let's take a look at loading some scripts dynamically.
Generally, there are three situations.
(1) place <asp: Literal Runat = "server"> </asp: Literal> at the front end
(2) output in the background through RegisterStartupScript and RegisterClientScriptBlock
(3) Response. Write output
<Asp: Literal ID = "myLiteral" Runat = "server"> </asp: Literal>
This. myLiteral. Text + = "<script> alert ('test'); </script> ";
View the source code to see the original
<Asp: Literal ID = "myLiteral" Runat = "server"> </asp: Literal>
Location changed
<Script> alert ('test'); </script>
To better understand the differences between the two, the foreground is as follows:
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