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IE toolbar background and the above buttons are customizable, often use manual modify the registry method, but not intuitive, now can directly use Group Policy more convenient to achieve the effect, set personalized ie. Action steps are as follows:

1. Run the Group Policy console, expand User configuration → Windows settings → InternetExplorer maintenance → browser user interface.

2. Double-click the Browse Toolbar Customization policy option on the right window. Here, you can customize the background picture of the browser toolbar.

3. Select the "Customize Toolbar background Bitmap" radio button, and then click the "Browse" button, select a BMP bitmap file. The toolbar background should be the same size as the toolbar, and the brightness should be large enough to display black text, otherwise the actual effect is not ideal.

4. Next, to add your own shortcuts to the IE toolbar, just click the Add button to add it.

In the toolbar title text box, enter the software you want to add, select the path to the file in the toolbar Actions file library, and then select the path to the toolbar color icon and toolbar grayscale icon. Click OK when the settings are complete.

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