Set the Chinese Input Method in ubuntu10.04

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From: (Some changes). There are many descriptions of ubuntu Chinese Input Methods on the Internet. Most of the TMD processes are spam. The following post is absolutely acceptable... and the input method is very high...


Recently I started playing with a popular Linux release version ------Ubuntu

Haha ~~~~~ Really good and powerful,,

I am really speechless with the default built-in Chinese Input Method in Ubuntu. Is it a Chinese input method ??

No ~~,

So I did my research and finally got it done. I will directly post the command below.

The steps are as follows:

1) terminal input: sudo apt-Get remove scim

Delete the scim installed when installing the system. I personally think it is useless, because the new installation is not installed in the operating system.

2) sudo apt-Get install scim

Then download and install the scim input method. After the download is complete, the system will install it on its own, and there will be a prompt in the middle. It will be OK to directly y.

3) sudo apt-Get install scim-Chinese

This step is the most important. This is the download and installation of the Chinese input method. The previous step is to download one that can run the input method.PlatformIs now installed on this specific platform

Chinese Input Method, haha... There are prompts.

4) sudo nano/etc/X11/xsession. d/95 xinput

This step creates a 95xinputFile, The specific content of this file is as follows:

Xmodifiers = "@ im = scim"
Export xmodifiers
Export gtk_im_module = scim


Then, after confirming that the information is correct, save,Press Ctrl + O and enter the file name to save, CTRL + x exit

5) Exit the terminal

6)Restart Input MethodAnd then press Ctrl + space to activate the Chinese input method ~

O (distinct _ distinct) O ~ It's just that simple. Don't doubt if you can't do it. If you test it, you won't know,

No, that's your RP problem. No way.

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