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The marketing department often has to give a variety of analysis reports, a write is dozens of pages. Writing a deep foundation of the small Wang wrote things naturally, but often bothered him is the problem of typesetting, each time to spend a lot of time to modify the format, make a directory and header and footer. The biggest headache is the boss after reading the report let him modify, the entire document layout is not good to start again. The production of catalogs is also a thankless thing, although Xiao Wang knows word has inserted the table of contents function, but tried several times to discard it, because the system always prompts for errors. Now you can only manually enter the table of contents, overtime number of pages has become commonplace. In order to let oneself have time to enjoy life after work, Xiao Wang spent half a day to learn a long document typesetting skills, this found that the half-day time, can let him enjoy countless leisure evenings and weekends. Xiao Wang summed up his experience to two points:

Before making a long document, you have to plan the various settings, especially the style settings

The different chapters must be divided into sections, not pages.

Let's see how he made a dozens of-page long document with his newfound skills.

Simple report on single-sided printing

The format required for this report is: A4 paper, cover and table of contents, single sided print, page header is the title of the report, except for the cover and table of contents; page numbers are on the right side of the bottom of the page, pages and directories have no page numbers, and the table of contents is 1th.

Set up paper and document grids

Write the article, do not come up to rush to pen, first to find a suitable size of "paper", this "paper" is the page settings in Word.

Choose File | Page Setup from the menu, display the Page Setup dialog box, and select the Paper tab, as shown in Figure 1.

Usually the paper size is A4 paper, so you can use the default setting. Sometimes you can use B5 paper, just select the appropriate type of paper from the paper size.

Many people are accustomed to first input content, and finally set the paper size. Because the default is A4 paper, if you switch to B5 paper, it is possible to make the entire document layout can not meet the requirements well. Therefore, the first page setup, you can visually see the page in the content and layout is appropriate, to avoid the modification of the post.

Considering the reading report of the leadership age is relatively large, for the dense text reading up more laborious, you can adjust the text. Usually, many people adopt the method of increasing the font size. In fact, you can adjust the spacing between words, lines, and lines in the page setup, even if you don't increase the font size, you can make the content appear clearer.

In the Page Setup dialog box, select the Document Grid tab, as shown in Figure 2.

Select Specify line and character grids, and in the character setting, the default is 39 characters per line, which can be reduced appropriately, for example, to 37 characters per line. Similarly, in the row setting, the default is 44 rows per page, which can be reduced appropriately, such as 42 rows per page. In this way, the arrangement of the text is even clearer.

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