Set up random transitions for slides in PPT2010

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In the latest PowerPoint 2010 release, a number of dazzling and stunning slide transitions have been added, but careful users can see that the option of "random switching effects" included in the previous version is now gone, That is, the user must specify a fixed switch for each page slide instead of using each page to randomly change the way it is.

Set up random transitions for slides in PPT2010

Set up random transitions for slides in PPT2010

This has to say is a 2010 version of a larger regret, but fortunately we still have VBA, can make up for this regret, you can use the following code to set the page slides using a random switching mode:


Sub Randeffect ()

For i = 1 to ActivePresentation.Slides.Count

With ActivePresentation.Slides (i). SlideShowTransition

. AdvanceOnClick = MsoTrue ' after mouse click Toggle

'. AdvanceOnTime = MsoTrue ' You can also choose to switch periodically

'. AdvanceTime = 5 ' timed for 5 seconds

. EntryEffect = Ppeffectrandom

. Duration = 1.5 ' 1.5 seconds long switch

End With


End Sub


Unfortunately, the random effects of the above code are only those transitions in "subtle", while the more dazzling "gorgeous" and "dynamic content" transitions do not appear in random results. How to make this random switching function more perfect, and I need more time to study it further.

Click on the left of the table of contents bar-> right-> cast video switch, then the right-hand side will appear animation options, select the last "random switch" and then select "Apply to all projection" film on the OK

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