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Setting up a fully functional ChromiumOS development environment on actual Chromebook hardware Set up environment

Export dev_dir= "/opt"
mkdir-p $DEV _dir
export chromium_dir= "$DEV _dir/chromiumos"
mkdir-p $CHROMIUM _dir
export path= "$DEV _dir/depot_tools: $PATH"

# The BOARD variable used here are specific for the Chromebook that Is
  # being targeted, a more generic target like "Amd64-generic" could # is more useful for your
Export Board=chell

# The Usb_device variable refers to the USB DEVICE that'll be used
# for flashing ChromiumOS onto a Chromebook.
# Make sure the device does not contain anything
important! Export usb_device= "/DEV/SDA"
Install Dependencies
sudo apt install git-core gitk Git-gui Subversion Curl
cd $DEV _dir
git clone /chromium/tools/depot_tools.git
Get ChromiumOS Source
CD ${chromium_dir}
repo init-u
repo sync-j25
Build ChromiumOS
Flash ChromiumOS to storage medium
CROS_SDK--Cros Flash--board=${board} usb:/$USB _device
Install ChromiumOS on Chromebook Enter Chromebook into Dev-mode

This are highly device specific, and depends on how the manufacturer of your device-has chosen to implement the Dev-mo De switch.

A partial list of devices and how to enter them into Dev-mode can is found here. Flash ChromiumOS to Chromebook

Fire up your chrombook device and hit Ctrl+alt+back, followed by ' Chronos ' and hit enter. Followed by the "below command to install" ChromiumOS build is just flashed.

Debug an application On Chromebook

Again fire up your chrombook device and hit Ctrl+alt+back, followed by ' Chronos ' and hit enter.

# remount The root drive read/write
sudo mount-o remount,rw/

# Open Port So, Gdbserver can be reached
Sudo/sbin/iptables-a INPUT  -P TCP--dport 1234-j ACCEPT

# Run GDB server, listening on port 1234 (opened in IPT Ables command above)
sudo gdbserver:1234 chrome
On Dev Machine
# on x86
cros_sdk--sudo use=expat emerge cross-i686-pc-linux-gnu/gdb
# on ARMv7
cros_sdk--sudo use=expat E Merge Cross-armv7a-cros-linux-gnueabi/gdb

cros_sdk--i686-pc-linux-gnu-gdb "/build/$BOARD/opt/google/chrome/ Chrome "
(GDB) Set sysroot/build/$BOARD/
(GDB) target remote ip_addr_chromebook:1234
(GDB) continue

This is a bit of the a rough outline, and is only suitable for Chromebook devices that already are in Dev-mode. Original address:

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