Seven letters from Kai-Fu Li to Chinese college students [7/7]

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Seven talents required in the 21st Century


If we go back to the past, we can clearly see that in the Warring States Period, the most important talent we need is the mentor of the transformation of the bridge club or the warrior who is an enemy of Wanfu, people who will read, write, and understand the eight-bone culture will be admitted to the imperial examination. Now, engineers are the most needed talent. We obviously feel that over time, the world's most needed talent is changing. What kind of talents do we need in the 21st century?

Before the past 21st century, in the industrial age, more mental work is required. In the 21st century, more mental work is required to bring about fair competition and shared information, there is also the relationship between decentralization, people can choose from, and the world can change constantly. I see that the more new companies, the more Internet companies, the more authority they will give employees more choices and operate a company in an equal way, therefore, in the 21st century, people who need the most are quite different from those who need it in the past. In the past, I mentioned the talents most needed in the 21st century.

The first is innovation practitioners. In every 21 st century, I will talk about celebrities. This is the most important innovation, not useless innovation, but useful innovation. Who said this? Sorry, I did. China is also advocating innovation. We can see that more value can be sustained in Chinese enterprises. In the fierce competition, the competitiveness actually comes from innovation. Those with innovative capabilities, companies with innovative capabilities, and continuous innovation companies can be the most competitive in the market.

Some people say that innovation is manifested in the high-tech and biological fields, but I can give an example. For example, it is very difficult for Google to innovate in the swimming pool, when the company founder met with the team, he also said that if you could make this thing, I promised you something, but the team also said that if we made it, you want to give us a swimming pool. At that time, the city of California was full of gold, but Segi didn't think much about it, so he agreed. He said that you would see the swimming pool the next day. The next day, the employee found a blow-up swimming pool in the parking lot. This is his sense of humor, not his innovation. Finally, he built a swimming pool on the roof of the company building. How big is this swimming pool? It's a 5-foot swimming pool. We found an inventor who could let you swim in the same place regardless of the flow of water.

In the 21st century, innovation must be useful, real-time, and practical. Instead of making some papers, you can achieve your goal by posting them empty in journals, useful is the goal of innovation. When we work, we should pay attention to the need for practice in innovation and innovation in time.

We can see that famous scientists and engineers have contributed a lot to the world in the past. For example, pure innovators, such as Newton did not consider the application, but they have contributed a lot to the world, there is also Dr Ford Na, who is a good practitioner but does not have many scientific innovations. We realize that scientific innovators are both scientific and practical people, such as Bill Gates, or level Segi ). This is my advice to my classmates. If you build a building, no mechanics experts will not be able to build the building. Brick-and-mortar buildings cannot be built. My colleague also came to the company and saw another founder ??, He is playing with a toy car in the ground. I said that the company was just setting up a new network. I wrote a program and I applied my program to this network, check whether the car can be used on our network. This is how he solves it with a new problem, whether at work or not, which is innovative and practical in the 21st century.

Second, if you graduate from college, you will find that the most successful job is the combination of multiple majors, instead of nine majors. Let me give you an example, COMPUTER: If you know assembly language, computer hardware will be compiled. If you know Drama, you can do entertainment. If you know machine, you can do mechanical work. I suggest you do not carefully read your major, in addition, it is important to know that cross-domain learning is important.

The company I represent today is Google, and my colleagues may think that Google is an information retrieval company. Google is a profound company in Information Retrieval. We are very proud, but we are not the most expert company, today may be, but there were not many people at the time of creation. Have you heard of lasise? Almost no one has ever heard of it. At that time, he found a scientist, a computer database, and he could do a very good job in searching, but he ignored the sources of the Internet, while ignoring the intersection of information retrieval and information, Google was founded in 1980s. At that time, we saw the Internet, the Internet, and Web Crawlers Grabbing information, or, in the shortest time, more users can search for the largest text. Because of the cooperation and breakthroughs in many aspects, this has created a miracle for Google today, it is not that our information retrieval is the first, deepest, and most refined, but that we see opportunities in different fields.

Finally, let's talk about my doctoral thesis-speech recognition. Everyone thinks that speech is acoustics and language is Linguistics. We should look for a group of acoustic experts and then look for linguistic experts to combine them across fields, but in the end they did not make any results. However, my thesis does not contribute to acoustics or linguistics. my contribution to the speech field is, I saw four things, namely statistics, probability theory, pattern recognition, information, and signal processing, combined with acoustics and linguistics, to solve the headache of speech recognition at that time. This is a very good example in different fields. Therefore, we encourage students not to take a science degree in school, but also to consider opportunities for integration with other majors, you also need to think about the opportunities to combine the majors you cannot change with those you like. This will also increase your interest in learning.

The third suggestion is that people with high IQ are not needed in the 21st century. Ou has discussed with a scholar that he said that the company's most needed talents are smart and creative talents. I think the three most needed talents are personality, intelligence, and team spirit. Let's talk about three vendors: the first is IQ, and then Eq. A person who works in the company may have 20 or 30 times the workload. If this person is arrogant, it may not have a positive effect on the company, but a negative effect. For example, I used to work in a company and he is recognized as the most powerful software architect in the company, once he put forward an idea. The project manager said that I would need 50 to do well. He sneered and went back to the office. Then, three days later, he finished the job, when a person completes the work of 50 people, he becomes famous at a glance. However, he is an isolated and proud man without team spirit. If he strikes other colleagues, he thinks that he is smart and has the right to attack others, I once saw an email from an e-engineer in the company. He sent the email to the engineer's boss and the boss's boss. He said, How do you assume that my work does not require technology, your boss knows how stupid you are. You can imagine that after the letter was sent out, all the people around the engineer thought this person was unreasonable, unreasonable, and team-oriented. They wanted to respect the ghosts and gods, so he lost his circle in the company, and no one was willing to cooperate with him. As a result, everyone ran away, so he had a positive or negative impact on the company. I think it is hard to say. In the 21st century, everyone has to work with many teams. Because we have to do innovative practices, engineers and scientists need to work together because we need to work across fields, we need to cooperate with people in fields A and B. This is a matter of character and integrity. The so-called character is not to be honest and obedient, but everyone can abide by their professional ethics and do everything that the company wants to do. The society can see it. In the 21st century, enterprises will try their best to delegate power to every employee. If public and private companies want to delegate power to you, they must give you the key of the company. If you cannot trust you, this person who steals the company's property and information is not worthy of use by the company. It is not for everyone to be a saint, but for a person to reach a certain level, so that the company can trust the person and believe that the person will not steal the company's secret and will not steal the company's property, the public and private will trust his work in the company.

The fourth is a noble communicator. This is what PAREs said. He said that people who can communicate well with people can have a noble idea. When I was in my sophomore year, my teacher gave me a job opportunity. He said that we want you to teach 60 students about physics, mathematics, chemistry, and computer. You are a good researcher and doctoral student. I think you can be a computer mentor, I agreed. I chose the senior AI course, from half past nine am to half past five P.M. AM, and wrote, wiped, wiped, and written on the blackboard. After 8 students, these students have really learned these courses, and they have learned AI very well. I think I am a qualified teacher. When I went to get my salary, there was a piece of paper on the boss's desk. What did I say? Show it to me. He said it was a comment from students. What did I say to me, he said you should not read it. I thought they liked me very well, but they said that when Lee was in class, he only looked at the blackboard on his face. They also gave me a lot of hobbies. I don't think I can be a brainless person. I ask for advice from a teacher. He says that I will tell you a secret. When I give a lecture, I want to communicate with the audience with an eye, I said I did not dare. Who knows if they would give me an external number? He said he didn't feel it. You can look at their heads, and they don't know. What should I do if I say I want to shake? He said that you should not bring a lecture to the stage. Otherwise, you may turn your head off. You can press your hand on the podium. It looks good, but it can actually stop trembling. In addition, when giving lectures, you will not tremble. Therefore, I am grateful for my successes and setbacks. At that time, I made up my determination to do a good job in communication. Wait for your comments on the speaker. Maybe I will suffer a new setback (SMILE ).

When the founder of Google wrote a letter to me, he said that you still remember that I was one of the 60 people you taught. I said that I spoke badly, he said that I wanted to learn computers from that time.

You may not be a good speaker. Others always look at your expressions, your faces, and your body language. Just now you can see two American presidents in the photo, kennedy is a more convincing person, because he looks at others and feels sincere. So when talking, not only do you pay attention to what you say, also pay attention to the recipient's facial expression. In addition, when we communicate with each other, pay attention to understanding what you want to listen to, instead of talking about me. If you want to influence others, you must first understand what others think and what others want from you. If you understand this empathy, you can be accepted and accepted, this is the fourth talent most needed in the 21st century.

The fifth most needed talent is to love workers. I remember an American colleague who came to my office and said, "I really admire your Confucius. Why? What he said makes sense. That is to say, if you find your favorite job, you will not be working in your life, but enjoying it. At that time, I said thank you very much for your respect for our Confucius. But I thought, did Confucius say this? However, I have thought that it is better to know, better to know, and better to be happy. Because if you like it, you will eat and go to bed and think about how to make it better. In this way, you will be happier, and you will be able to achieve more achievements, which is very easy to understand.

Another day, Larry, one of the founders of Google, said the doctor's paper was better than a postdoc. SEGI said this is impossible. They analyzed the differences between doctoral students and post-doctoral students. At Stanford (my alma mater), when the doctoral students reported, they chose the project and teacher to do, so the professor will take different funds and projects from different countries, so doctoral students will select some enthusiastic projects. What should I do if there is no enthusiastic project? I spent some money to hire a postdoc. In the end, my doctoral students at Stanford are doing what they love. Post-doctoral students are used to do assignments. So if you are enthusiastic, you will get more results.

Some students say that I do not read doctoral students or post-doctoral students, can I do a lot of work? My answer is no. I can imagine that Stanford doctoral students and postdocs are the most extreme jobs. I can imagine that a job that sells fish is very boring and does not require enthusiastic work? I don't think so. At that time, there was a very famous market in seattle Where they all wanted to visit. It was very beautiful by the lake. At the same time, everyone wanted to take a fish dealer. Why? Because this fisherman is very enthusiastic, they will sing songs to throw the fish from one person's hand to another. They do not know whether they are for work or entertainment, when you look at it, someone puts the crab in your hand and says you have to eat it for free. Someone will throw the fish to you and tell your wife that you caught the fish. I used to spend some time in the evening when they were preparing to share the stock. The money was very thick, so they could change their wealth. In April this year, I went back to Seattle and walked around the market, where did their boss go? They said they had published a book. What books do I have to say? He said that my boss wrote a book, that is, how to sell fish, so that his employees can exert their enthusiasm to gain greater capabilities. Later, he said that his boss was often hired by Fortune 500 companies to help train Fortune 500 employees and mobilize their enthusiasm, finding your favorite is the most important thing for doctoral students and postdocs to sell fish. You need to explore your favorites. If you love your major, it is better. If you do not love your major, you need to understand your career and professional, and you will find a chance, if you do not know, you can attend other courses or ask other experts to try it slowly. You can spend a lot of time, because this is a very important Book of Songs, when you find your favorite job, you will find that your enthusiasm and happiness are different.

The sixth type of talent that is most needed is a proactive person. Peter said that the biggest change in the 21st century was that people had a choice. This is especially important in China because there have never been a group of young students in China since and. They have no stable resources, sufficient resources, and wealthy families, we hope that you will be able to take the initiative as the first group of people in China who have chosen for yourself during this period. Do not silence is gold.

I remember that when I signed a book, many young people asked me to write something. I generally did not write it, but sometimes I would write it. For example, we should not be silent or be golden, we do not want to make a speech out of the box when it is meaningless, or speak without respect from others. However, those who never speak will not succeed or survive in the 21st century. I remember when I was serving in the original company, a person, Zhou Ke, was doing very well. Some friends asked him how you did such a good job after so many years in the company. He said it was very simple and there was only one sentence. Did you speak during the meeting? He said no. He said that you won't succeed. When Zhou ke entered the company, he did not receive much attention and improvement. He thought that his job was doing well. One day, he took the courage to ask the boss's office, why didn't you upgrade me, the boss said that you are stupid. He said that I am not stupid. Why do you say that I am stupid? The boss said that you never talk, indicating that you have no idea. He said that I am modest when I don't speak. The boss said that I don't need modesty. I need your ideas. Zhou ke will understand it. He started to communicate with others and promote himself. Of course, he did not do the sales promotion work in the case of arrogance.

7. The most important person is the optimistic person. There are some people who think you are pessimistic or optimistic. They think you are full or half cup. Some pessimistic people always fall half, however, some people who fill the cup are always full, so they will succeed. If you are a pessimistic person, a person who is afraid of setbacks, or a person who will retreat or thinks that the person will be punished will not succeed, you should be optimistic, in this way, we can grow with optimism. Zhang Zhongmou, the boss of TSMC, said that you wrote some words for me. He said that I could not write. His friends still asked him to write, so he always thought twice. Do not think of things that are always satisfactory. Just as my students rated me as the worst teacher, I am not decadent, so that I can become a better speaker today.
I was unemployed in and, and I was not decadent. I told myself that innovation was the most important thing to do was product innovation, but concept innovation, seize opportunities in setbacks.

One person who participated in the election also failed. After one election, another failed. Do you know him? Yes, it's Lincoln, because he can continue to fail, learn, grow, and participate in the election, and finally succeed. In the past, we thought that we were good professionals and wanted to become professionals. Now we have to learn how to work in different fields. In the past, we wanted to have a high IQ, but it is better to find a job you love. In the past, we wanted passive, obedient, and disciplined students. But today we need more active students. In the past, we used to do things carefully, avoid failure, but what we need today is optimistic. These hopes can describe the differences between the 20th century and the 21st century. As the first time that China has grown up in such a good environment and has chosen, I hope that you will be able to provide talents in the 21st century, I believe that success will come to you. Thank you!

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