Seven methods to guarantee WINDOWS7 operating system security

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Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system has stronger security than Windows Vista. Today's threats to users are often caused by malware attacks and a lack of user protection awareness.

The seven methods listed below can be accomplished with simple Setup settings:

1, install anti-virus Trojan software

For users, threats usually come from Trojans, malware, fake virus scanners. Whether you are a computer expert or rookie, equipped with a suitable anti-virus software is very necessary, while remembering to keep anti-virus software updates, to prevent new malicious program attacks.

2, open IE8 Intelligent filtering function

Browsers are becoming the most vulnerable targets, Windows 7 browser IE8 Security menu has a smart screen filter function, the user opened this feature, you can link up with Microsoft's Web site database, the comparison of audit visits to the site is safe, greatly reducing the possibility of accidentally poisoning the unknown site.

3, disk encryption bit lock (Enable BitLocker)

The disk encryption bit lock in Windows 7 can be used to encrypt information on any hard disk, including startup, system, or even mobile media, and the right mouse button can encrypt the data in Windows Explorer in the options. The user can select the file that you want to lock in the settings menu, and the encrypted file can be set to read-only and cannot be encrypted again.

When you close your computer after you save BitLocker information, BitLocker's recovery information is stored in the computer's properties file, and in most cases the automatic backup user's password is restored to active Directory. So make sure you have access to these properties to prevent the file from being recovered after you lose your password.

4, enhance the security level

Windows 7 has improved user Account Control, which is very precise and rapid in distinguishing between legitimate and illegal programs. Depending on the user's logon style (Administrator or Normal user), the default UAC security level setting allows you to choose a different level of sensitivity for your defense.

A simple user Account Control scroll bar is designed in Windows 7 to make it easier for administrators or standard users to set their UAC security levels.

It is recommended that you set the UAC security level to always notify, and be assured that the security notifications you encounter in Windows 7 are much less than Vista.

Although the UAC feature provides a necessary defense mechanism, use the Administrator account carefully for system stability.

5, timely upgrade

In the Windows 7 default settings, the Windows Upgrade service automatically downloads and installs upgrade packs for important Windows systems and applications.

A study has shown that Microsoft's software is the world's most patched products. But the system does not remind you, in time to update other non-system software, such as browsers, media players and so on. Hackers now like to attack computers from these aspects.

6, clean up the rubbish file

After a period of time, the user will feel that the computer slows down, which is usually due to a large number of garbage files generated in the system. Cleaning out useless junk files is equivalent to losing weight to your computer.

There are a number of ways to clean up, and there is a tool in Windows 7: Microsoft ' s autoruns. Autorun records every program and service that runs in the system, and you can delete unwanted files by clicking the mouse.

What you need to be aware of here is that if you encounter a program that you do not know, do a survey and then do the operation to prevent accidentally deleting important data.

7, Backup data

While, outsmart. Sometimes it is really hard to prevent, even if a lot of efforts, when the virus to the temporary defensive measures may still become vulnerable. Timely backup of important data is kingly, so even if you encounter a very lethal virus, can also be easily resolved by recovering data.

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