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When using Wordpress, you will always need to adjust your WP personality or make a set of personalized theme for yourself. Generally, it is no problem to directly adjust the Wordpress content online, however, if you want to build a personalized theme for yourself, you 'd better select local debugging.PHPDebugging software came into being.

Wordpress is popular enough. It is a powerful blog platform written in PHP. It is easy to build a blog platform and is a convenient tool for new users to build websites. However, to truly understand the power of Wordpress (WP), plug-ins are indispensable. In general, it is impossible for us to try a plug-in to upload the file through FTP and try it on our website. This is a big risk. Therefore, we need to build a PHP platform on the local computer.

Generally, there are two types of local PHP platforms: LAMP, namely Linux + Apache + MySql + PHP, and WAMP, it is Windows + Apache + MySql + PHP, and the former is generally superior to the latter. If we had to install Apache + MySql + PHP on our own, it would be much more difficult. If we had to change a bunch of code, it would be easy to make mistakes. Furthermore, considering that most of us are using Windows operating systems and are Linux blind, the local test platforms I provide are all WAMP, which are integrated with the above functions and can be used after installation.

1. XAMPP (

XAMPP is a powerful local testing platform. It integrates three required functions and FileZilla. The software comes with a control panel, you can register Apache, MySql, and FileZilla as system services or uninstall services. There is a service startup control button, and the service running information is displayed in the lower part of the window. Although the Panel is in English, it is clear and easy to understand. The advantage of registering as a system service is that it can run automatically upon startup, but it will consume a certain amount of system resources. You can decide on your own. After the installation is successful and the service is started successfully, you can open the browser and enterHttp: // localhost/. The XAMPP web page supports Chinese characters.

2. WampServer (

Its official website does not have Chinese characters, but the program supports Chinese characters. After the installation program is started, it will prompt you to uninstall the old version, do not support overwriting upgrade, and then the installation will be successful all the way to NEXT. It has an icon in the task tray. If a service startup exception occurs, it is red. If some exceptions occur, it turns yellow. If everything is normal, it turns white. These different color warnings make it easy to determine whether your localhost can be opened. It can also switch between the online and offline states. The optional language items are also available in simplified Chinese, which is good.

3. Vertrigo Server (

This is a lightweight WAMP environment, but when you download it, the security component that comes with thunder says it has a virus. According to my scans (ESS3.0) and usage, this is completely a false positive, so you can rest assured to use it. Install NEXT. The original password in PhpMyAdmin is vertrigo, which is unnecessary by default. It has a simple control panel and its running status is clear at a glance.

The localhost page contains common links, which is convenient.

4. PHPNow (

PHPNow is really simple. Simply put, the installer is a self-extracting program made of RAR. There is no shortcut after the release. You must find the folder where the file is stored and run Init. cmd to initialize it. During the initialization process, you are prompted to set the password. Because only one password is designed in the CMD command line and there is no Password Confirmation item, please be careful when setting the password. Do not forget it. It also registers Apache and MySql as services and starts automatically upon startup.

In the program folder, it also has a control panel, but it is just CMD, but it is very useful. It is easier to uninstall the service. In the control panel of the software, uninstall the service and delete the entire folder. For this convenience, you can try it easily.

5. PHPStudy (

PHPStudy is different. It contains IIS + PHP and Apache + PHP. The latter is recommended for software. There is also an icon in the task tray. You can open the panel to view the service running status, which is also very simple.

Open localhost and the standard PHP information interface appears.

6. AppServ (

During the installation of the program, it prompts you to change the default port 80 to the Service port, so as to avoid conflicts arising from Port Sharing. There is a password setting prompt, but it is much better than PHPNow, the software can also set the character set, the default is the UTF-8. Although the software does not have a control panel, a shortcut is added to the Start menu for all operations, which is convenient to use. The software also has a MySql Command Line terminal.

7. EasyPHP (

The software is really EASY! Install the NEXT method, but do not load Apache and MySql as services. Therefore, you must start it manually every time you use it. The software also has a simple control panel, and there is nothing else to say.

If some such PHP-related services cannot be started, check whether port 80 on your machine is occupied (quickly find the local port ). General programs, such as thunder and btsoftware, occupy port 80 even if they are not working. So after you turn them off, start the PHP-related services, and then open the downloaded software or something, there will be no such problem as Service Startup failure.

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