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Seven Rainbow motherboard one key USB disk boot Setup Tutorial:

Seven Rainbow motherboard assembled desktop computer A key to start the U-disk shortcut is: ESC or F11.

Description: Because the seven Rainbow board some models of shortcut keys may be ESC, may also be F11, specifically which, please test yourselves!

So how do we use the shortcut keys to start the U disk?

First of all, you will already use the U disc starter to make the startup disk to insert the U disk into the USB jack of the computer host (it is recommended to insert the U disk into the USB jack at the rear of the mainframe box, because the performance of the transmission is more direct than the previous one)

When the computer is turned on, when the screen is turned on, press the "ESC or F11" key on the keyboard continuously, as shown in the following picture: The computer that is assembled for seven rainbow motherboard is turned on.

Boot screen

As shown in the figure above, for the small series used by the seven rainbow motherboards assembled computers, the motherboard one key to start the U disk shortcut key to "F11."

When we press the shortcut key "F11" in succession, we will enter the window of the order of the startup item.

There are usually three or four options:

1.U disk start up; (The U disk used in small knitting is HP brand)

2. hard drive boot;

3. Enter the startup option; (This is not to be ignored)

The order of arrangement is not fixed!

As shown in the following illustration: After entering the cursor default option is the first "U disk Boot" U disk startup option may also be other, this situation depends on the actual situation to decide!~ everyone's U plate brand is not the same, so the display of the U disk logo is not the same, anyway, the meaning is the same!

Startup options

Warm tip: If the default option is not u disk, then move the cursor to the logo u disk!

As shown in the figure above, the default option is to start the U disk, so we can press the return key "enter" to enter the U disk launch! The following figure shows:

U Warrior

Seven Rainbow motherboard of a key U-boot shortcut keys are "ESC or F11" key, one does not try another one. When you enter the startup option, choose the default first option, U disk boot, anyway, is the default option, you can press the ENTER key directly after the election.

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