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Sometimes the documents generated in Word, each page at about 20KB, and the same content with Notepad only about 1KB, so that word can also reduce weight loss? In fact, we can use the following effective methods to reduce the capacity of Word documents.

1, cancel the fast Save method, when the file open, use fast save than use full save need more space, you can select the Save tab in the Tool/Option command, cancel Allow fast save check box.

2, File Save method, Word when saving doc file, only then changed the information into deposit, so even if you delete some of the contents of the file will make the file is bigger and larger, if we use Save as a command to save the file, Word will rearrange the parallel disk, so that, You can effectively reduce the capacity of Word files.

3, only create a version, Word's version feature allows you to generate multiple versions of your files to make it easier for different word to read, but this will make the file larger, click: File/Save commands, you can see whether there are other versions of the existence, if there is cancellation, which will greatly reduce the size of the file.

4, do not embed TrueType fonts, Word has embedded font technology, can be a piece of text contained in a file, so that the file on another computer can be correctly displayed, which will undoubtedly make the volume of the file greatly increased. If you don't embed TrueType fonts, you can reduce the size of your Word document by clicking the Tools/Options command, then selecting the Save tab, and then removing the Embed TrueType fonts checkbox.

5, embedding all the characters, embedding TrueType fonts in the file will increase the capacity of the file, but the font set on one computer, but found on the other machine does not have this font, then have to embed TrueType fonts. However, if you choose to embed TrueType fonts, be sure to check the Fu box only so that you have the desired font in your file, and you can reduce the size of the file.

6, the Page Setup method reduces the file capacity, before saving the file, click the File/page setup, open the Page Setup dialog, click on the paper size, margin, etc., and the contents of which can not be changed, and then save, you will find that the file capacity is also inexplicably reduced.

7, with selective pasting, add power to the Word document in the eye, the first use of tool software to open the picture and then perform the complex and paste operation, the results of the production operation will increase the size of the document capacity, the original, when the use of Paste command, the document added content in addition to the picture itself we need, The additions to the document in addition to the picture itself we need, there are many pictures and software related information, and Word also automatically created a link in the picture and the original software. Instead of choosing to paste the picture, only add the picture itself to the document, greatly reducing the file size.

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