Seventh Week assignment: PowerDesigner Use summary

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PowerDesigner Usage Summary

This software allows developers to facilitate the establishment of the database and the implementation of the logical relationship, rather than go to the "handwritten" code, the code after the completion of the database modeling can be directly generated.

If you have this software installed on your computer, you can generate a file with the suffix named ". PDM" Directly,

Or just go into the software and build it.

And then you can name the model Model_name.

This is the next page:

And then I drew a picture: Here I have a database structure of a hospital in advance

The approximate steps:

1, table: Right click on the table on the left click on one, double-click will enter the configuration of the page:

The main use is: increase the properties of the table

2, add the attribute constraints: First select the property, double-click, select addition Check, the general constraint name is taken, directly written on the constraints on it.

3, FOREIGN key: If a table has a foreign key painting, you'd better draw it after the table with the corresponding primary key, then you can click on the right one of the reference, then the mouse on a table does not move, drag to another table above the line, you will find that the foreign keys are automatically added to you.

The final results are as follows:

Then the code is generated:

The action is: Menu bar database->generate Database->preview Preview is ready

This is to get rid of the "handwritten" database SQL statement set up a database, just beginning to use the software, because the use of English Online guide said not clear always into the wrong page, pit for a long time to find the right way to use ...

Of course, the function of this software is far more than this, the rest of the self-groping it.

Seventh Week assignment: PowerDesigner Use summary

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