Several common methods of password cracking in Linux system

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A Linux System Password cracking

1. Enter edit mode by E in the Grub options menu

2. Edit kernel that line/init 1 (or/single)

3. Restart by B

4. After entering, execute the following command

root@ #passwd root (set root password)

Enter new UNIX password: Enter a password

root@ #init 6

(ii) Debian Linux system password cracking

1. In the Grub Options menu ' Debian gnu/linux,... (recovery mode) ', enter edit mode by E

2. Edit kernel The back of the line to the RO single init=/bin/bash, press B to perform the reboot

3. After entering, execute the following command

root@ (None) #mount-A

root@ (none) #passwd root

root@ (None) #reboot

Three Freebsd System Password cracking

1. Boot into the Guide menu

2. Select each item (press 4) to enter Single-user mode

3. Enter a list of commands after entering

root@ #mount-A

root@ #fsck-y

root@ #passwd (Change Password command)

root@ #root (user name to crack password)

Enter New UNIX Password:

root@ #init 6 (reboot)

Four Solaris System Password cracking

1. Select the Solaris FAILASFE item in the GRUB option menu

2. System prompts do you wish to have it mounted read-write on/a? [Y,n,?] Select Y

3. Enter Single-user mode

4. Enter the following command


#New passwd: Enter a new password

#Re-enter New passwd: Enter the password at a time

#init 6 (reboot)

Five NETBSD System Password cracking

1. Power on: When the prompt symbol appears and the countdown begins for five seconds, type the following directive:

> boot-s (enter single-user mode command)

2. In the following hint sign

Enter pathname of shell or return for SH:

Press Enter.

3. Type the following directive:

# mount-a

# fsck-y

4. Use passwd to change the root password.

5. Use the exit command to enter multiple-person mode.

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